Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Dealio of Life

 Life lately has been trying to do laundry with my stinker baby "helping." Its been Grandma Nonie fake cutting Abby's hair. Its been loving my two girls, and its been Maddie getting around during exercise class.
 Life has been Abby riding a horse, and naming it Bella. Also, its been being all cool and playing daddy's guitar. Its been lots of walks pushing our babies, and its been a best friend who made my day brighter by sending me the best. bracelet. ever.
 Life lately has been Bree finally getting her wish and putting Maddie to sleep. Its been a daughter confused about the seasons. Life has been switching sunglasses with Abby, and evening family walks. (Abby is getting pretty good at walking around in heels. She is a natural.)
 Life has been a stupid selfie to show off my new hair. Its been a daughter just too tired to wake up at Costco. Life has been the cutest snuggly girls in the world, and its been my adorable Maddie wearing Papa's hat. 
Lastly, life has been some fun swing time at the park. Its been Abby wearing my boots around the house. Those boots are made for walking! And its been having fun playing on the dinosaurs at City Creek, being the perfect toys for both girls and babies. 


  1. It's a good thing we're coming soon because these pictures are making me miss you guys! And cute hair! I didn't know you got red put in it!

  2. oh my gosh i could comment on every pictures! i love the faces abby makes and the pose she does in your boots. i love her suinter outfit and those heels & wig for a walk. madis little face on the swing is priceless and you look fantastic in every pic! i love the red- how fun! i cannot wait to see you all in julyt!