Friday, May 23, 2014

9 months!!

Time for another update for my little Maddie Marie! At nine months she:
  • Had her first big fall. She fell off my bed when I stepped out of the room and got 2 big scrapes on her nose. Mom for he win.
    Notice her poor nose?
  • On a related note, she is mobile! She has an adorable crawl, and beat her sister to it by 1 month.
  • She feeds herself finger foods quite well. 
  • Her favorite treats are graham crackers. After she stuffs one in her face, she squeals for more until she gets it. 
  • She now has 4 big teeth, two on top and two on bottom, but is growing 2 more on top. And let me tell you, this teething bout has been the WORST!
  • Every morning when I go in to get her, she has the blankets over her face. Once she hears me, she pulls them off and grins at me. Best way to be greeted first thing in the morning. 
  • She prefers my phone to any other toy.
    A slobbery faced shot of her teeth
  • She already has the fake crying and tantrum throwing down. 
  • She still prefers being held and bouncing on my hip over any other activity
  • She loves walks
  • I don't want to jinx it, but lately she has been a fabulous sleeper, and is automatically sleepy by 9. (which I realize is still late by some of your standards, but that is quite early for us. Abby is an after 10pm night owl)
  • She is in size 3 diapers and wears 9 month clothes
  • She will not keep bows on her head
  • Her jabbering ang giggling are the best sounds in the world.
I can't believe that in 3 very short months, she will be 1. Stop it. Stop the growing. 


  1. Oh the sweetheart. I miss her! She's getting too big too fast!

  2. 9 in, 9 out! look how fast it goes with the second one. she is so adorable. i bet she learned those tantrums from her big sis. awesome shes getting sleepy! it still baffles me how late your girls stay up.