Sunday, July 13, 2014

Staycation pt. 2

The week Sam's brothers were here, Sam still had to go to work. Unfortunately, he couldn't get the time off. So on Monday, it was a pretty normal day. That night we met at a park with Sams mom Sue and the guys old Young Mens president Matt. Sam and I were pretty late getting there, so we were only there with Matt for about 10 minutes. We got pictures, talked for a bit and just let the kids play.
Pure Joy on her face

I love how handsome Sam looks in this picture. Kari pointed out that it would be a good one. 
Photo credit: Kari

Again, thanks for the picture Kari
Tuesday morning I met Ashley, Kari, and Brigham and the kids at the park for free lunch. After it got too hot to handle, we headed to Ashley's house so the kids could run through the sprinklers. However, I don't believe that Abby actually got wet. Still, the kids had fun and it was so nice to have some adult conversations during the day. That night was one of my favorites. Dan and Nonie took all the kids while Tim and Ashley, Brigham and Kari, and Sam and I all went to the temple. We decided to do initiatory, which was so wonderful. I love going to the temple with them! After the temple, we headed to Wingers for dessert and catch up time.

The next day, my birthday, was so much fun. That morning I literally did nothing. My house was trashed but it was my birthday dangit! The best part was Sam was able to get off work at noon. When he got home, we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (it wasn't very good to me) and then we headed off to Best Buy to get my birthday present: My new iPhone! I got a smokin deal on it and I love it so much. It is the best phone I have ever had! That night, Sue came to our house to babysit all the kids while we all had time together in the mountains. We roasted hotdogs, ate s'mores, and enjoyed our second date night in a row. It was such a fun way to spend my 28th birthday. (28..when did that happen?)

Stay tuned for the final pt.3 of our staycation: time with my bff8 and the 4th of July


  1. first of all, you look smokin in that pic of you and sam in the mtn.second, sam and his bro look so similar in that pic at the park where hes feeding madi! miss you

  2. Hahaha, I love the first half of your photos coming from me since I'm the worst with pictures. However, the cutest picture ever with you and Sam is all you, baby. This is already making me miss everyone so bad. All the fun ended too soon. Good memories!