Thursday, July 10, 2014

Staycation pt. 1

Last week, the Tappana clan were all united once more. Brigham and Kari came and visited from Washington and Tim and Ashley are here for the summer from medical school. We decided last week to stuff in all the fun we could in that one week. It was an awesome, fun, exhausting time. And seeing as we probably can't go on an actual vacation this summer, we made the most of this little staycation.

Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures, because I didn't want too many pictures on my old phone, seeing as I got a new one on my birthday, but I still need to document this past week, so here it goes.

The fun for us started on June 27th: the first night of Taylorsville Dayzz. After the girls and I spent a fun day playing downtown, we came home, grilled some burgers and headed to Taylorsville Dayzz. Much to our surprise, Abby wanted to badly ride the rides. Girl can be scardy-cat when it comes to scary things, but she. was. in. heaven. HEAVEN I SAY! After we let her ride three rides, we walked around, let her play on the playground, and then went to find a spot to set up for fireworks. Madalyn was in heaven when we were waiting for fireworks and was busy exploring places on her own. Once the fireworks started, Maddie was a tiny bit scared, but both girls did great with them. They crashed on our way home and were zonked out til the late hours in the morning.
Pure joy on her face

Saturday was pretty much a repeat at Taylorsville Dayzz as Friday was, but we were able to meet up with Tim and Ashley and Brigham and Kari, plus a bunch of our friends. Oh and there was a Neil Diamond tribute band there and he rocked my socks. I seriously loved it. And the fireworks were SPECTACULAR as usual. Seriously, Taylorsville Dayzz has by far the best fireworks around these parts, and I am proud to live in this city.

Sunday, my newest beautiful niece Ruby was blessed. It was a beautiful blessing. Afterwards, we ate some lunch at Tim and Ashley's, then went home and napped. Later that evening we headed over to Dan and Nonies for a delicious Spaghetti dinner. Yeah, needless to say my diet was ruined that day. It was so fun having a family dinner with everyone there once again. Sunday dinners now with missing two families just aren't the same! The evening was spent eating way too much, talking, laughing, and relaxing. Abby was in heaven playing with her cousins and Maddie was in heaven being loved and snuggled on.
My little cheeseball. The only picture I took on Sunday, but it is a fantastic picture.

Stay tuned for part 2 (and maybe a part 3?)


  1. Ah Taylorsville Dayzz, how we love thee!

  2. she is just so adorable!! im so glad you got to hang out with your family. oh taylorsville, how i wish to go to your dayz