Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Staycation: The Final

I don't understand why I had to split our staycation in 3 posts, but maybe I am just wordy and boring? Haha. Probably. Anyway, the day after my birthday, I was able to go to the aquarium with my Bff8 and her cute family. Honestly, its not that great there. It was nice that it has more space than the old one, but it still doesn't have too much to look at. What was there was totally awesome, but really, not worth the money. (thanks again for paying Mel!) But what was worth it was reuniting with my BFF8, even if it was just for two hours. I think Abby had a lot of fun running around there with Landon. And bonus, Landon made it so she stayed close instead of thinking she is a big girl and running off on her own!

The rest of the day we decided to let the kids recuperate from the fun. Sam, who works for one of the best company's ever, was able to get off at 1:00 again (the whole company got off because their CEO is awesome) so we spent the afternoon catching up on sleep, and then got some sandwiches and did a bit of birthday shopping. That night we just watched a movie.

The next day, the 4th, was an extremely fun day! We headed over to my parents that afternoon for a swim party. We had fun running through water, having relay races, and playing with water balloons. After an afternoon of fun, we headed over to my in laws for a delicious BBQ and a firework show. It was so much fun, however, my kids had had it by the time the fireworks were over. Actually, they were done much sooner than that, but I wasn't about to miss out on the fun. Once they were over though, we said our goodbyes to Brigham, Kari, Lydia, and Ammon, and took off immediately.
I love my cute girls outfits we got from Old Navy

It sure was an awesome week spending it united once more with our Tappana family. I sure wish Tim and Ashley and Brigham and Kari still lived in Utah. We all have so much fun together, and I truly miss them when they are away. Hopefully, sometime soonish, we can have another fun time together. 


  1. I liked it being split into three posts, it made me anticipate future posts. Plus I love all the pictures :) We loved seeing you guys too!

  2. your girls are just the cutest! i love all their adorable outfits. and i love that pic of porter and madi! we had such a great time with you guys! maybe one day we can actually spend time together without kids making us go crazy!