Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baby Update: Better Late Than Never

Months: Maddi turned 3 months last Monday, the 18th. The day I had my surgery. So, I wanted to write this blog way sooner, but I've been sorta busy recovering AND our laptop broke (like a day after we finally got our internet back after a week of that not working) so I would have had to sit in the messy spare bedroom to do this. ANYWAY moving on. 

Weight: At her last appointment, she weighed 13.5 pounds. I'm sure she is about 14 now. Cute little chub of mine. 

How she is sleeping: Well, that has kinda flip flopped since the last update. Now, Maddi sleeps great in the day, and ok at night. She has been waking up again to eat, but she does fall immediately asleep again. Really, it's her sister that is keeping me up most nights.

How she is eating: Obviously, this girl loves her food, and she loves being nursed vs. bottle feeding. The day I had my surgery, she had to have bottles, and that last one she had to have about killed her. As soon as she could nurse again she was a happy little babe. And here's the fun fact: I actually love nursing this time. With Abby I was so worried about nursing in public or around people that I didn't enjoy it at all. With Madalyn, I love the bonding time. Especially when she stops eating to give me one of her cute chubby-cheeked smiles.

What Maddi Loves: She LOVES being changed. Seriously, she can be fussy and as soon as we lay her on that changing table to change her diaper, her clothes, whatever, she is all full of smiles. She is also starting to notice toys. We have this toy, it's called a winkle, (horrible name I know) and she just loves to grab that thing and stuff it in her face. She also loves her big sister and is starting to give her huge smiles, which melts my heart. I can't wait until they do cute sister stuff together. Oh and she loves her baths!

What Maddi can do: Girl can hold her head up like a champ. She can now sit in her bumbo, which we love, as well as her swing and other bouncy type toy.  

How Mommy is doing: I have to say, only a week and a half after my surgery I am doing pretty well. I still have a little bit of pain, but recovery has been quicker than I anticipated, and I hope to be working out soon again. Those first 4 days were the hardest and most painful, but with the help of family and friends, things worked out. I seriously have the best people in my life!

What we're working on: Rolling over, and getting her out of our room. Abby was out of our room at about 6 weeks, but seeing as Abby and Maddi share a room, we haven't quite made the transition yet. Soon though. I think we will all sleep better. 

What we are looking forward to: THANKSGIVING TOMORROW! Swimming in the morning (even though I am technically not supposed to until Friday. What's one day right?) and then eating our faces off in the afternoon, followed by our traditional watching of The Santa Clause that night. We are also looking forward to being done with school and enjoying the Christmas season as a family with zero obligations!! Yay!!


  1. how in the world is madi 3 months already?! i feel like it has just flown right by!! she is so adorable and just such a mini-caitlin. i lvoe her little chubs and sweet smile. im esp glad nursing is going so well! i really hope i can do it as good as you. happy tday love you!

  2. She. is. so. big. Too big. Too stinking big. I keep imagining her sitting in a bumbo and what it would be like and then I'm sad because I have no idea and I want to hold her! I LOVE her chub. I can't get over it. Thanks for the update because they keep me going! Glad you're recovering, but take it easy don't hurt yourself. And may Abby sleep better and your internet access continue to improve :)

  3. Love seeing and hearing your updates! Maddy (I hope that's how you spell the shortened version of her name!) is just too cute! It was fun seeing you on Thanksgiving and on Sunday! Love you!

  4. Tim and I can't believe she's already three almost four months!! I can't wait to see her in almost just two weeks!! She looks similar to Abby to me, but then totally different too. Almost a little chubbier...which I LOVE!! Look at her cheeks!! I'm not going to want to come back to Kentucky after being home surrounded by family. But I'm certainly looking forward to seeing everyone!! Especially that baby!!