Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Little Firecracker

Our little Abbigale Mae is one spunky little girl. A lady in our ward referred to her as "a little firecracker" and that fits her to a T.

At almost two and a half, Abby is one fun toddler. She surprises Sam and I every day with new things she does or says.

Abby is most definitely a girly girl. I got a wig out of our Halloween things and she wears it every day. She asks for her "curly hair" and walks around delicately brushing it out of her face. Any time she sees someone with long curly hair, she asks to put their hair on her head. She is also recently into dress ups since Thanksgiving. It's a good thing my sisters family gave Abby this dress up, because I don't think she would have given it up easily. She didn't take it off for two days after. Other accessories she loves are her necklaces and her purses, and she loves to put on makeup and chapstick/lipgloss.

This is probably my very favorite picture of her!

Abby has the cutest little quirks. I often hear her in the next room let out a big annoyed sigh and say "oh man!" when she drops something or something doesn't go her way. She also has the best memory! She remembers people that she meets just once and asks about them all the time. For example, one of her most favorite people in the world is my step mother in laws dad. After going to his house one Sunday with Nonie, the rest of the week she asked for "Grandpa Don." Nonies aunt was there as well and so Abby also asked for "Aunt Bobby" for weeks.

One of my favorite things that is going on with Abby right now is I am 98% sure she has a crush on Jimmy Fallon. I mean, how can you not? (her mommy sure does.) Every time she sees him she knows exactly who he is and asks to watch this clip all day long.
She dances right along to it and watches it over and over again until I make her stop.

A few more tidbits about my favorite two year old, she loves to fast dance, (like Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street) she loves to walk like a penguin, she knows basically all her colors, knows most of her numbers, and can count pretty well too. She is into saying that everything is hers, particular the new Christmas present my parents gave us: "my Tablet". She also talks in third person. "Abby's big girl bed?" and when Maddi smiles at her she exclaims "She's smiling at you!"

Abby also loves to take pictures, and she loves to exclaim how she feels. "I'm so excited!" "I'm soooo maaaaad!!!!" and "I'm happy now." And, she loves Madalyn so much!

Lastly, Abby loves to sing. Her favorite songs are "I Am A Child Of God" "Snowman" "We are never ever getting back together" "I don't care, I love it" and "Royals" to name a few.

I sure do love my spunky, quirky, firecracker girl. I can't even believe I get to be her mommy.


  1. Oh sweet little Abby. I can just imagine her in her curly hair and I laugh and laugh. I wish we could have workout mornings again and be at your house to watch her in her hair and dress up clothes. Love her silly faces too :)

  2. she is such a ham, i love it! and i love how girly she is- the girls i know here and not girly enough for my taste. bring me the dresses and jewelry! shes just so smart too- i love it!

  3. So cute that little girl! She sure is a fire-cracker. That's a great word for her! lol Brae just adores her - sorry that he is always trying to control her though! lol *hugs* See you tomorrow!