Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekend Rundown

The weekend started off with a pretty fun ward party. Good food, fun friends, and great activities.  Even though Sam's finger is in this picture, I sure do love this one of my family! (looks like Maddi has mastered the selfie kissy face.)

Double date date night with Erik and Ali to my moms last Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. After 14 years of going, it will be weird next year to not go. Maybe we will still have to fight for tickets. Since we have been spoiled for 14 years, I am not sure I will be able to figure out how to actually get tickets...


I stayed home sick with this cold that just won't go away on Sunday with Maddi, while Sam and Abby went to church. Afterwards, Sam had a meeting and I was able to cuddle with my girls as they fell asleep on me. That evening we went to my moms for roast dinner where Maddi got some cousin time with Charlotte. That night, once the kids were in bed, Sam and I watched the horrible as always, "Holiday in Handcuffs."

Despite being sick the whole time, this weekend was a pretty great Christmas weekend!


  1. Bummer being sick, but wohoo for Christmas activities! And Maddi's kissy face is the best!

  2. holiday in handcuffs is a holiday fav! and oh my goodness i just LOVE that kissy face of madis!! so adorable! im glad you sneaked a date night in, i know its a lot harder now with two babies.

    and way to keep those green sweats sexy hahah