Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 4th Month

Months: I can't believe my little chubby cheeked Maddi is already 4 months old! I just can't believe how fast time is going!!

Weight: I stepped on my scale with her yesterday and she was an even 15 pounds! That is with clothes and a diaper on but still. She is growing! (sadly with the holidays, so is her mama. But the chub suits her more than it does me.)

How She Is Sleeping: She is doing better lately. Ever since my rant on the fact that I've gotten no sleep lately, she has really stepped it up. She wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30 to eat, and then goes back to sleep. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

What Madalyn Loves: She loves to sit up, so thank goodness we have the bumbo. We also have a toy she can sit in that she loves as well for short periods of time. Usually until Abby tries to climb in it with her. She also loves her mama! Since Abby is not so much a mama's girl, it's nice to have one child be. Until she is older, then I am sure Maddi will walk in the footsteps of her sister and be a big fan of daddy. But for now, she is my number one fan!! (ps, she loves her daddy too, but lets face it. I am the eating source and by the amount of chub on her, we know she loves to eat) She also loves coke apparently.
Don't mind my death look here.

What Madalyn Hates: Maddi pretty much hates when I clean or get ready or do anything other than pay attention to her. She also despises tummy time still. She also hates sitting now when I burp her and insists on standing.

What's new: She is giggling. And it is the sweetest sound in the world!

What Madalyn is learning: She looks like she might roll over from back to front very soon. She is also learning how to reach for things she wants. Nothing is sweeter than feeling a little hand grab at my face.

How Mommy is doing: I have been fighting a nasty cold for a week, but other than that not too shabby. It's still hard being a mommy of two sometimes, especially when I need to run a whole bunch of errands or I want to clean my house, but slowly it's working out.

What we are working on: We are still working on trying to roll over, and getting her out of our room.

What we are looking forward to: Meeting Uncle Tim, Aunt Ashley, Emmy and Jack for the first time, and of course Christmas. Particularity, Christmas Eve! Our Christmas Eve tradition is becoming my favorite. We stuff our faces with a huge feast, prepared mostly by Sam, and watch Christmas movie after Christmas movie while wrapping any last minute gifts. Bliss!

Oh my little Madalyn, I sure do love you! What did I do without you?


  1. That little face peeking out of her carseat/eskimo coat thing just kills me! Kills me! You keep breaking my heart. Can't wait until we get to come visit someday. I request a video of the giggling!

  2. she is just so beautiful and so happy! is it weird having a baby that looks just like you? bc she totally does! xmas is just going to be so fun with two. and i love her kissing that coke- just wait til she tries slurpee post-womb - FANTASTIC