Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Lately According To My Phone

 Life lately has been an exhausted mommy cuddling her two babies. It's been adorable Madalyn smiles, and Abbigale wanting to help cook breakfast.
 Life has been making a tremendous amount of cookie dough and totally blowing my healthy eating. It's been Abby trying out the outhouse at Desert Star. Life has been Abby loving her new "curly hair" as she calls it that we found in our Halloween box, while Maddi hates it. 
 Life has been early mornings cuddling in bed, and getting my girls back to sleep together. It's been Abby, once again with her curly hair, playing with Maddi. Life has been our cute Jack-O-Lanterns, and it's been having the cutest little bee's I ever did see. 
 Life lately has been Abby balancing on our new rug while at Lowes. It's been Madalyn falling fast asleep in my arms. Life has been Abby naming her doll Aurora (after our friends baby) and Maddi being jealous that she wasn't playing with the doll as well. And life has been my obsession with my girls while Abby actually played nicely. 
 Life lately has been visiting the doctor for Maddi's two month appointment, and Abby wanting it to be her turn next.(Maddi took her shots like a champ!) And it's been, once again, getting my girls to sleep at the same time and loving their cute sleepy faces. 
And, life lately has been a super fun date night at Desert Star with my siblings, (missed you Jared and Emily) and loving my handsome husbands beard. Life has been Abby hiding in the shower when it came time to bath her and get her out, and it's been Grammy in heaven as she cuddles my two babes. 

I love my life.


  1. i just love madi's chubby little cheeks! i could gooble them up! its so funny how different they look from eachother as babies. i esp love abbys lovely long locks. and your adorable sweater at madi's shots. i miss you guys bunches!

  2. Yay! Glad you got your internet back! I too love your cute sweater and Abby in her "curly hair" haha, so funny. Lovin' the pictures!