Sunday, November 3, 2013


This year, I wasn't too excited for Halloween. Sam was going to be SUPER DUPER busy at work, and then we had about an hour after he got home to take Abby to get candy before he had to go to school to take a test, and then study for another class. I wasn't thrilled. However, it ended up not being that bad. Sure, I would have loved longer with my husband, but honestly, what I had with him was really fun.

After the girls woke up from their naps, I packed them up and headed to town to show off them at Sams and my moms work. Unfortunately, I planned kinda bad and thanks to a baby that had to be nursed before we could leave, we didn't have very much time there. But it was nice to be able to pick up Sam from work and we went straight from there to get some dinner at Arbys. Which I love, but always feel super chubby after. Thanks curly fries.

After dinner, we quickly went home and got in our costumes and headed to our wards Trunk or Treat.

The Saturday before Halloween, we decided that morning to get costumes. We had no idea what we wanted to be, but then I found two bee costumes at Kid to Kid and boom, our costume theme was born. For getting it all together with such short notice, I think our costumes came together nicely. (side note: a guy in our ward is an actual beekeeper and would have let us borrow his beekeeper suits. Bummer.)

We were only at our Trunk or Treat for about a half hour and then Sam had to leave to school, but Abby made bank on her candy, and I think she was in heaven. While Sam was in school, I hung out at my moms and helped give out candy (and helped eat it too.) while Abby showed off and Maddi enjoyed being cuddled by Grammy.

When we all came in for the night, we took our annual Halloween pumpkin picture.


I love to see how our family has changed these past three years, and especially happy that cute little Madalyn is a part of it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and spooky Halloween. I am sooo looking forward to Thanksgiving!!


  1. Love your pumpkins and your costumes! Halloween is just double the fun when you dress up :) And it's super fun seeing how the pictures change each year!

  2. i never realized you took one every year! i love it!! so cute and such a cute tradition to see you all grow and change. man i miss you guys! i think the beekeepers is so cute and unique!

  3. Your costumes are just too cute! I love the photos of you guys over the years. It's neat to see how the family has grown! :)