Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life Lately

 Life lately has been chilling with one triplet-cousin Charlotte. It's been playing dressup and looking like Maleficent. Life has been enjoying some much needed cousin time with Emmy and Jack, who Abby has missed dearly. And, life has been hiding in a box where I can't find her.  
 Life lately has been Abby falling asleep with her sunglasses on and night. Because she is cool. It's been ringing in the new year with just us two at a friends house. Life has been cute Madalyn and her folded arms, and life has been Abby, in her wig, talking to herself in my mirror. "So, how was your Christmas?" she asked herself. 
 Life lately has been my two gorgeous girls snuggling up together. It's been sick day tea parties in our livingroom. Life has been Abby pooping in the potty! and it has been Abby "helping" me put Madalyns diaper on. 
And, life has been hanging out downtown, and just not being able to stay awake. Life has been Abby playing in the dinosaur play place at City Creek, while Maddi and I waited. Also, its been Maddi spitting up, and completely missing herself while it all landed on me.


  1. I love these posts. Even if they make me miss you guys :)

  2. I just can't get over Abby in her wig talking to herself. That is adorable. What kid has a wig they wear regularly that they are attached to? Haha, so cute! Also, Maddi is SO big. And that picture with Emmy and Jack just hurts my heart. My kids should have been there too! Miss you guys!!

  3. how was your christmas??? hahaha i just love that creepy, creepy wig. she is adorable! and i forgot about chubby little baby legs! i just want to eat them. congrats on abby on pooping in the potty! what a big big girl!!