Friday, January 10, 2014

Life's Little Letters

Dear January, 
I hate you. But thanks for at least having nice clear breathable air this week. 

Dear School,
I think this semester will be a very good one.

Dear Exercise,
It's so nice to be doing you again more frequently. You sure make me feel good!

Dear Chocolate,
Stop tempting me so that exercise can work it's magic on my body.

Dear Coke,
Refer to Chocolates letter

Dear Abby,
We got you a big girl bed for a reason. PLEASE stop coming in mommy and daddys room at 3am to sleep on ours.

Dear Abby,
On an unrelated note, how did I get such a cool 2 year old?

Dear Maddi,
Your smile makes everything better always.

Dear perfect at home dream job that is going to make me rich,
When are you going to find me?

Dear Friday,
I am so, so, so glad you are here.


  1. i feel ya about abby coming into your bed- landon wakes up at 5:45 on the dot every day and wont go back to sleep unless i lay with him on the couch snuggled in near my head which is extremely uncomfortable for being 9 months pregnant. kids are weird

  2. My solution to Abby climbing in bed with you...lock her door at night, and then wear earplugs for the next week until she figures out that she has to stay in her room and no amount of crying is going to get you out of bed to go and get her :). We use to lock Emmy in her room when we switched her to a big girl bed. I still lock her in her room during naptime to ensure she takes one. When she wakes up, she knocks on her door and tells me she's ready to come out.

    And...I think Maddy's smiles could melt anyones troubles away :)