Thursday, July 30, 2015

She is Number Four

Last week our little girl turned the Big 4! Seriously? How is it possible that its already been 4 years since she made me a mommy? It came way to fast. I want time to slow down, but 4 year old Abby is one of my favorite Abbys so far. She has a little less tude than when she was 3. Oh yes, its still there. She can be sassy and snotty, but then 10 minutes later she is the sweetest little girl in the world. 

On her birthday, at times she would be mopey and randomly say how she didn't want to be 4. I thought that was odd seeing as all she talked about for the past 6 months was her birthday, what she wanted for it, and how she was going to be four. That evening she finally came up to me, snuggled up, and said "But you don't want me to be four." Insert knife in heart! I would often say to her in a joking manner "don't turn 4. Stay 3 and little forever!" And I guess she really honestly thought I didn't want a 4 year old. Hahaha. Poor sweet little girl. I assured her that mommy was just teasing and I love 4 year old Abby and I'm so glad she is finally 4. That cheered her up for the rest of the night.

Abby is a one of a kind girl. Once she meets someone, she will be your best friend. She is very social. She loves being around kids AND adults the same. She will gab your ear off for hours if you'll let her. Often we will have people stop by and as soon as they sit down, she is bombarding them with questions and showing them her toys and what they do. She has her daddy's outgoing personality and that makes me so, so happy. At the dentist yesterday she was winning the hearts of all the adults over. 

Abby is most certainly a girly-girl. She loves all things princess. She loves dressing up for church and if we are ever late, it could be because she has to stand in front of her vanity making sure her lipstick, (some old stuff of mine she found) is perfect. And really, that girl can put on lipstick almost perfectly. She also would make me paint her nails everyday if I could/would. She loves her hair "straight" which means just brushed nice and air dried. 

Some of Abby's favorite things to do include: riding her horse Bella, playing with her magic clip princess dolls, make "videos" of herself either by looking at the frontwards camera on our computer or talking to herself in the mirror. She loves singing and dancing to Pitch Perfect, watching YouTube clips,  and asking "why" questions. "Why are our faces on our heads?" "Why does poop come from bum bums and not waginas?" "Daddy, why isn't my baby sister coming out of mommy?" And they go on and on and on. Hahaha. 

She loves her little sister and helps me take such good care of her. On the other hand, she fights like crazy with her. Obviously. She is still obsessed with ears and its usually the first thing she points out on babies. "look how cute and little her ears are!" She frequently still annoys the crap out of poor Madalyn by grabbing hers. She is also VERY obsessed with babies and can't wait to be a big sister again. Even if it is a boy, she finally admitted she would like him. "But I still want a little sister." 

And lastly, she loves to say prayers at night. The night of her birthday, this was her prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for my birthday. Please bless Maddies birthday will come soon and that she will have a good birthday and bless my glitzy globes and bless my color changer and bless my Doc McStuffins set."

She is the sweetest 4 year old I know!! Abby, Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! Never ever forget!!


  1. What a sweet little girl! I'm so excited to see her again in a few days. Happy Birthday Abby! I wish we could have been there, but it sounds like it was wonderful :)

  2. oh my goodness she is just the sweetest! she is everything i want in a little girl!! she is such a beauty and i am so sad i dont know her like i wish i could. happy bday abby! i cant believe shes 4 too- seriously!