Monday, July 13, 2015

Madalyns Hospital Adventure Pt. 2

The next morning, Sunday, Abby and I got to the hospital as quickly as we could. Madalyn slept great that night, but was still really clingy and grumpy and that morning she just wanted to be held once more. She also didn't want to be in her room, so we paced the halls with her (even though I think technically we weren't supposed to.)
Sunday morning: just standing up was a huge improvement

She had a few more tests run that day. More blood work and an ultrasound. She was pretty upset about both. The blood work came back positive for pancreatitis. After that, we were moved up to the gastroenteralogy wing. By that time, my parents were there to take Abby home (they stayed for a while visiting and letting Abby play with all the fun toys) and grandma Nonie came to visit. She cuddled with Madalyn for a bit while Sam and I got some dinner. Later on, grandma Sue came too.
Attached to heart monitors and an IV and making daddy feed her apple juice

The rest of the day was filled with Madalyn not wanting anything to do with anyone, and us waiting for answers of how on earth an almost 2 year old gets pancreatitis. I stayed the night that night while Sam and Abby slept at home. More tests were ordered for my poor little baby.

The next morning bright and early, she had to have another blood test. If I remember right, I think it was a glucose test. And later that morning we went down for a barium x-ray. She hated the x-ray, but LOVED the barium and was angry when it ran out. Madalyns mood started to improve quite a bit this day, and she started to eat and drink more on her own meaning she didn't have to be hooked up to the IV all day. We still had a lot of questions, but she was doing so well. She even zonked out for a nap for a few hours!!
Her first smile in a few days, walking around, and eating!

That night Sam had to go to work, and my mom came up to be with me so I could get dinner and such. Madalyn was starting to act really hungry, but she was on a no fat diet so her eating was still limited. That night she was walking around the room, playing with toys, eating, and smiling. She even got a bath which I was so happy about!!

Once Sam got back to the hospital, my mom left and the nurses came back to give her an IV for the night because she needed another test the next day and she couldn't eat or drink. Because of the bath, her hands were cold and the nurses had a hard time finding a vein. That was super sad. Poor baby got poked probably 5 times and just now her bruises are starting to fade. :( It was my turn once again to go home that night with Abby.
Finally able to leave the room!!

The next morning (Tuesday) shortly after I got back up there, we were told the good news that Madalyn was able to go home!!! Her whatevers that determined pacreatitis (there is a reason I don't work in the medical field) were going down. We were told she still had to be on a low fat diet, but since she was eating and happy we could go. We were all very, very happy about this news, but I think no one was as excited as Madalyn to get out of there.
Going home

Madalyn has been doing wonderfully since being home. She is happy and silly. She eats decent (still as picky and stubborn as heck though) and at her follow up appointment last week she had gained about 2 pounds. I still worry about her of course. I worry every night as I put her to bed that we will be woken up by her throw up, but so far so good. (Except the day after the 4th. We gave her too much fat that day...) I am so thankful that she wasn't there for worse. It could have been so much worse, but we were blessed to leave there with a happy healthy girl.
One week follow up

As for big sister, I think she is just as happy. Sure, she acted mostly fine throughout all this, but I think she was really worried for her little sister and sad she wasn't around us. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who helped out with her.
Dr. Abby at your service

And thank you to everyone who brought us dinners after we were home. Those helped a ton!!


  1. Wow! Intense! I'm glad people were there to help you, and I wish I could have been there to do the same. It would be hard to give a kid a low-fat diet I think! Most of my kid's protein has fat - the good kind, but still.

  2. oh my goodness that is so scary and so sad. did the drs tell you how she got it? im so glad shes home and doing better bc it had been a long time that she wasnt feeling well. she is such a petite girl, she needs that fat!!