Monday, July 6, 2015

Madalyns Hopsital Adventure, Pt 1

Remember this post where i talked all about how Madalyn was all better? Yeah, talk about jinxing myself. Madalyn was doing so good and I was so happy and so relieved, until that Friday (June 26th.)

Disclaimer: The pictures you are about to see are super sad. I warned you. :)

The day started out normal. She woke up happy and I was once again relieved that no throw up happened that night. About an hour later she started to act down and kept crying. I thought she was hungry so I kept trying to see if she wanted food, but she wouldn't eat. She just kept crying and whimpering and I didn't know what to do. Finally, she threw up. She seemed better a little bit after that, and I was able to put her down for a nap.
Don't mind my face...or the messy house. Obviously I was worried about other things this day. 

After her nap, things just got worse. She just kept throwing up and eventually stopped eating and drinking all together. Sam, thank goodness, didn't have work that night so we stayed in and tried to figure out what to do. She threw up a few more times before bed, but went to sleep fast that night. At about 4:30am she woke up again puking. Sam got up with her and tried to get her to calm down. She wouldn't let him sit. He took her on a drive, paced outside with her, tried turning on curious george, nothing. Then her puke turned green and after 2 or 3 bright green bile pukes, we knew we had to take her to the hospital. At this point Sam and I were both a wreck. Sam isn't a very emotional guy, and even he couldn't hold back the tears. Abby was pretty concerned about Madayn, but she still didn't quite understand all that was happening.  My sister was heading to the mountains for the day to play and offered to take Abby. I was so releived knowing that she was going to be out having the most fun day of her life and she didn't have to worry about her little sister.

We decided to go straight to Primary Childrens hospital, knowing she would get the best care she could get there. She dozed on the way up, but other than that, she was lethargic and sad, and it was so hard. She is never like that! They hooked her up to an IV almost immediately seeing as she was so dehydrated, and ran some tests, blood and urine. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Later that day she had an X-Ray, but no answers were coming yet. They suggested we stay the night to keep a better eye on her. Seeing as she had thrown up a few more times, we were more than happy to stay. We moved to the RTU and that night she had a stool sample taken.

Poor little girl hated the nurses. She would cry and cry any time one would come in, even if they weren't touching her. Can't blame her. They poked her with needles, stuck up a catheder to get a urine sample, and pinned her down to an xray table. So rude right? Haha.

I went home that night to sleep and Sam stayed. Abby was going to sleep over at aunt Chelseas, but she got homesick and I picked her up. I was ok with that. I was sad and needed her light to comfort me. Even though she was asleep the whole time, I had her sleep in my bed with me and she just made me feel better.

Stay tuned for part 2 later this week. 


  1. this makes me so sad- i am so glad shes doing better now but going through this would be the worst :(

  2. Poor, poor thing. And how scary for you! I'm glad drs know so much more than me and that you were in good hands! :)