Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Update! Update! Read all about it!

Long time no blog once again. My blogging groove is just gone and I need it back. I need to supply the people with what they want! :) So, I decided to start out once again my hopefully normal blogging routine, I just thought I would update everyone on the happenings of our family. Because I KNOW you are all dying.

Sam is working hard. Really, he is gone far to much for my liking between two jobs and young men's, however I am also happy that he is willing to put his family first and provide for us and that he magnifies his calling. And when he is home, he doesn't hesitate to help out even though sometimes he may just want to sit. I really married a keeper.

I am trying to stay on top of the household work and help raise my cuties. I've decided to stop Beachbody for a while too. I'm just not a sales person. I wish I was. I wish the business worked for me and that I was making my money so Sam could be home more, but it just wasn't happening. I believed it would for so long, but there came a time where I just had to stop. Maybe when we get more financially secure I can start buying the Shakeology every month again because that stuff is amazing, but for now it was doing more damage on our finances than I was making money for. :( However, I feel really good about that decision and hope I can still inspire people to live a healthy active lifestyle!

Abby is just being cute little Abby. She turns 4 in less than a month and a day doesn't go by that she doesn't give me a list of presents she wants. She is smart as a whip and missing preschool. Every day she asks if its time to go back. She is getting a bit bored and I have to step up my game to make the days a little more fun around these parts! What are some fun things you do that doesn't involve going out in the heat of the day?

Madayn is doing better. For almost 4 weeks she was vomiting and had diarrhea on and off. I would think she was getting better and another bout would start. She would eat hardly anything. Well, all the prayers, fathers blessings, temple prayer roll, and fasting seems to have worked. She has stopped throwing up, even last night when I didn't give her any zofran! She won't stop eating (she is still the pickiest eater I know, but she is back to eating her normal foods that she wouldn't touch before) and she had her first real poo yesterday. I know. I'm talking about poo on the blog but I can't tell you how happy it made me!!  She is happy and the dark circles around her eyes are fading more every day!!  I didn't realize until yesterday how stressed and worried this made me until I was actually relaxed and playing more with the girls. Madalyn, don't ever do that to mommy again!! Other than that, she is a typical girl. She is following in her sisters footsteps and loves everything princess. She puts on dress ups, gets excited when she sees a princess or we watch a princess movie, and loves when I put her in a dress to wear that day. (in fact, a lot of time she fights me when I try to put shorts on her) She doesn't hesitate to spin around to show me her pretty dresses.

I just love my cute little family!!


  1. Oh my goodness I am so relieved about Madalyn! That would be so stressful and I'm glad she's finally doing better. i'm sorry about beachbody, but I'm with you on the sales thing...it's not for me either. I hope you are able to get back into the blogging groove because I love reading the updates!

  2. holy cow, abby looks so grown up in that dress! and sam weirdly looks like brigham in the pic of you two together. i am so happy she is getting back to normal- that is just too much stress for all of you! we are inside our house A LOT during the summer and its the worst. we just go out and do things from 9-12 then nap. then clean/cook dinner/do a craft. i wish i had more ideas- its so hard being indoors!