Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Lately

Ah life! Its been full of fun lately. Here is what has been happening. 
 Life lately has been going to a Bees game for daddy's work, and trying to get this picture. Madalyn wasn't having it, Abby was just pulling a face. Its also been Abby's balloon hair she insisted on getting. Life has also been finding Madalyn like this in the morning, and its been a picture where she looks far too grown up. Bye bye baby Madalyn. Hello Toddler. I guess that is expected at almost 2.
 Life lately has been both girls in the know what they say. Sisters that poop together, stay together. Its been silly Madalyn acrobats on the chair while watching Curious George. Its been adorable little girls being adorable and sharing, and its been a wonderful date night seeing Jurassic World, a Caitlin approved movie.
 Lately, life has been a sick little baby and feeling helpless as her mama. Its been knowing Sam was leaving to scout camp the next day and still having to worry about my little human. Its been a pajama movie night while daddy was away, and its been having a blast at bath time together. Nothing makes my heart happier than hearing these two squealing in delight together. Abby sure knows how to make Madalyn laugh. 
 Life lately has been the best daddy ever making play-doh dresses with Abby. Its been a fun night BBQing and playing at a park in Salt Lake. Its been Madalyn throwing a fit and Abby trying to help, and its been an adorable picture of Abby on Fathers Day when she climbed into our bed about 6:30am and fell back to sleep with daddy.
 Life lately has been one happy girl, and one grumpy girl. Its been a quick date night to the temple to do some initiatory with this handsome guy (even with that creeper stash). Its been loving this girls messy hair and profile, and its been Abbigale and Madalyn camped out on the floor as I showered. No privacy ever these days. 
And lastly, life has been just a cute picture of my girls laying around. Its been Madalyn at her happy place on the dino's. Its been Madalyn begging daddy for some peanut butter instead of dinner, and its been a silly 3 year old who ate a bunch of starbursts, and then proceeded to spin a bunch of circles resulting in thinking she was going to vomit. Honestly, it ruined her whole night. Its just a rite of passage to get that way. Everyone must experience it, and she did last night. Silly girl.


  1. Cute pictures, cute girls! I truly think that mustache is horrible. And that last picture of Abby over the toilet and the story of starbursts and spinning cracks me up :)

  2. your girls are so beautiful- i cant believe how big madi is already! shes isnt a baby anymore! i second kari, that mustache is terrible! but im glad you guys are getting some alone time