Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh Baby!

Well, the secret is out. We are welcoming a new baby January 2016, and we are thrilled!!

Well, most of us are anyway! :)

Poor Madalyn. She must know she is about to be a middle child!

In all seriousness though, she is starting to really notice babies. She doesn't understand I have one in my tummy, but any time she sees one, she gets really super excited and yells "baby!" I think she is going to love her little brother or sister to the moon!

Abby is thrilled. She blew our secret to so many people before we were telling everyone our news. She always asks questions about the baby, and is so concerned for me when I throw up. My violent puking has scared Madalyn a few times (ps, can you even imagine June when we were both throwing up?) and Abby has made sure and comforted her and letting her know its just because I have a baby in me. Its so sweet. Also, this baby is another girl according to Abby, and don't tell her otherwise. She has prayed that it is a girl multiple times. "And please bless the baby growing in mommy is a girl and not a boy."

Sam and I were surprised the baby came when it did, a few months earlier than planned, but we are excited/nervous to have a third. Being outnumbered is going to be an adjustment for sure though!!

I just can't wait to see how my girls react to a new baby and I know they will be the best "helpers" ever!!


  1. im so excited for you guys! and so happy we can be pregnant again at the same time! i was really getting worried there.... and i too am hoping for a girl!

  2. Wohoo! Another baby! So happy for you guys and I think it's cute how sweet Abby is being.