Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Lately: Staycation Edition

Last week was such a fun, exhausting (especially for this prego) week!! But totally worth everything!! Brigham and Kari came from Washington, and Tim and Ashley are here from Tennessee so we partied it up practically allllll week. The only downside is I was mostly husbandless due to Sams lame work schedule. But boy I appreciate his hard work!

On Monday, I didn't take any pictures and we didn't do too much except meet at Dan and Nonies house that night to hang out and plan the rest of the week of fun!!

Tuesday we headed to town, ate at Moochies and then headed to This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Here is the crew at Moochies (minus the adults except Brigham) and then at the park. Abby made a ring made out of a nail, made into a necklace, (I forgot the name of the ring. Thanks prego brain!) and Madalyn is trying to brush wool.
Here are the kids panning for gold and riding the train. Abby was the naughty one that stuck her feet in the river when I'm pretty sure you weren't supposed to. But really, I wanted to do it too and at 4 years old of course its a temptation. What wasn't cool was when she didn't listen to me when I said to stop.
Again on the train, Madalyn fell asleep in her favorite uncles arms. Seriously, she LOVED Brigham!! I didn't get many pictures of the little ones, but Maddie and Ruby loved playing near this drinking fountain. We also rode a little train and let me tell you, it was super uncomfortable for me, but so fun with all the adorable kids. And Abby got a dream come true when she was able to ride "Bella" twice!!

On Wednesday, Sam got off work at noon and the 6 of us adults met at Macaroni Grill at 3 for a late lunch/early dinner. It was so fun and I love hanging out with everyone!  Tim and Ashley and Brigham and Kari were heading to the temple but we weren't able to go seeing as Sam couldn't get his expired recommend signed before then. Total bummer, but we didn't know about the temple til it was too late, so he tried but it just didn't work out. So they all went and Sam and I had our own little date. Since he works two jobs and we don't get much time together, it was still nice even though we didn't do anything super fun.

Thursday we met at the Childrens Museum of Natural Curiosity. Ashley got me in for FREE! Which was amazing!
I didn't take very good/many pictures here, but it was so cool and so fun. The kids loved feeding the fish and petting the lizard. The bigger ones went off by themselves and climbed around while the little ones and moms went to the baby place and chatted.

Friday night we met Sue at a park and had dinner, and then got rained out and hung out at her house. Again, I didn't get pictures, but it was nice letting the kids play.

Saturday Sam ALMOST had the night off, until the girl that was covering for him offered him $150 to work for her so Sam took her up on that. I was so disappointed because it was the last time the 6 of us could hang out for who knows how long, but money is needed. We decided to go to Chilis for dinner and then head up to Silver Lake and walk around. It was so fun, but boy I missed Sam like cray cray. (Pout input: so many fun things this summer have been ruined by either sickness or Sam having to work, so having this much looked forward to fun night ruined really made me sad, but really I am so thankful for a hard working husband!)
 At Chilis, Madalyn actually ate which made this mama happy. At the lake, Madalyn decided to take a tumble off the side into a small puddle of water. It scared me half to death and the pregnancy hormones kicked in and I seriously couldn't stop crying. Totes made a fool out of my self gag crying, but hey at least we were with family. Abby, Ammon, and Jack got distracted with a rock, and the cute kids loved posing for pictures.
Abby was really attached to Ammon this trip, and I still don't think she realizes he won't be here to play this week. It was so much fun seeing all the kids playing together. And seriously, they loved getting their pictures taken.

It was such a fun week. I'm so sad Brigham and Kari had to leave and that in 2 weeks Tim and Ashley will be leaving. I really am so thankful I married into such a fun, close, family. Can't wait until our next reunion!! 


  1. what a fun, fun week! you guys did so much and had such a great time together. HUGE bummer about sam working- work is just the worst. hes a great husband to sacrifce so much. it wont be forever!

  2. It was sad not to see Sam as much, Brigham was SUPER disappointed. But life doesn't stop just because we came into town, and you do what you can. Ammon and Abby were just adorable -although somewhat trouble- together. I wish they could play all the time. And I sure loved spending time with you guys. One week was way too short!