Thursday, August 27, 2015

Madalyn Marie- Two Years Old

Last week, August 18th, Madalyn turned the big number 2! Unfortunately for her, the day ended up being kind of lame. Once again, I felt like crap, (but I think I had more of a bug then being prego sick. Who knows these days though) so sadly we kept the day low key. I was planning on having people over that night for cake and ice cream, but cleaning my house and making the cake sounded a bit like a joke, so we invited a few people to Leatherbys instead. I think it was just perfect. Madalyn loved licking the fry sauce off her fries and enjoyed her vanilla ice cream all to herself. She was a little hesitant of everyone singing to her, but made sure and grabbed my hand and looked around at everyone just in case they tried anything tricky. That night she opened her presents: a baby doll and a little car she absolutely loves, and then went to bed happy and satisfied with the days events.

Madalyn has quite the personality. She is one of the goofiest little girls I know. She is always doing silly things and making the silliest faces. More often then not she will come up to us and lick our arms as if she were a little puppy. She loves to copy everything her big sister does because she adores her so much. I will often find the two snuggled up watching a show or just being goofy and playing games.

Madalyn is starting to talk more and more. She will excitedly point out/say the names all the Disney Princesses, she asks us to do little things like "jump me" and she is starting to sing along to parts of our music. Speaking of the princesses, she is obsessed. Nothing would make her happier than taking her to Disneyland to see them in person.

She is certainly a little stinker as well. We will often find her climbing on things she shouldn't, like the top of the table or standing up in her chair. When we catch her, she just freezes with a goofy grin on her face, looking sideways as if that will get her out of trouble. And...usually it does. Because its just so darn cute!!

She is still the pickiest eater I know, and I'm just at a loss on what to do with her. When she doesn't automatically push her plate away from her at dinner saying "uh-uh" and actually tries a bite, even if its just one bite, its a moment to rejoice. Speaking of saying "uh-uh" she knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. At night sometimes I will show her clips on my phone, usually of Disney songs, and as soon as she gets bored, she lets me know by saying "uh-uh" and trying to swipe the clip away. She also let Sam and I know she no longer likes her glow bug. For weeks when I would turn it on and walk out of her room, I would see her little finger push it again so it would stop the glow and music. On Sunday night she took it to a new level and just handed it to Sam. I guess it must just be a baby  toy and she is so grown up at the age of 2.

Other things she loves to do: go on walks, as long as she can sit in the front of the stroller, slide down slides, jump on tramps, in her crib, or on mommy and daddy's bed, play with the tablet, peanut butter sandwiches, her daddy, putting on dress-ups only to get mad she can't get them off 2 seconds later, bubbles and bubble baths, her sisters toys, her binky (yep, still going strong with that. I blame being pregnant and not wanting to miss out on sleep), singing Wheels On The Bus and Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, babies, driving with her window open and letting the wind blow in her hair, and reading books, mostly if they are princess books. Did I mention just how much she loves princesses?

Madalyn is such a beautiful little girl full of life and happiness. We just can't get enough of her and her little ways. Mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back! Never forget that!


  1. Happy Birthday Madalyn! I'm sorry you weren't feeling good for her birthday, but luckily she's young enough that she's happy with whatever :) I think it sounded perfect anyway. Well, except for us not being there to celebrate it with you guys. We miss you guys and that cute little girl!

  2. happy happy birthday beautiful madalyn!! i wish i knew you better but i feel like youre one of my own! i am so jealous- she loves all the things i want to have a little girl for.