Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Life Lately: December Edition

December has been a fun and busy month. Here are some of the happenings of December so far:

 At the beginning of December, we decided to make sure and get our trip to Temple Square in, so we didn't miss it. Good thing we did too!! It was a fun but cold night!!
 December was also full of little girls with cute Christmas nails,(beware Sam, your son will probably have painted nails on occasion) decorating our house, and ice cream cones bigger than our faces. 
 We've also had lots of mommy-Madalyn bonding time, which will make the transition to baby number three hard on her. She is certainly a mommy's girl and I love every minute of it. However, this mamas girl also has a bad habit of chewing up her food and then spitting it out when she realizes she is done with it. So gross. Especially when its her pb sandwiches. (gag!) I've also taken lots of warm baths this month. They help my back feel better, but getting out of them is a bit of a comedy act. December was also full of Holiday crafts from Abby's preschool. This reindeer hat was one of my favorites.

 December has been the month of the girls having fun together. They mostly play nicely with their toys and it makes me so happy. Also, how gorgeous is Abby in this picture? She just HAD to put on her lipstick before bed. We have also had a lot of lazy mornings in which Abby made her own bed downstairs, and these two girls cuddling together during nap time makes my heart happy!!
 December has been a month of feeling huge and pregnant, and my sweet Abby taking care of me by putting a blanket on me and letting me cuddle her bear. What a sweetheart!! Its also been a lot of skipped naps making it so sweetheart number two can't handle it anymore and falls asleep on me while at Grandma and Grandpas. Also, December brought me my mom and sisters annual shopping day. That hat saved the day multiple times, and eating at Red Robin was fun for all!!
 One day while Abby was in preschool, I had a doctors appointment and brought Madalyn with me. It was an unusually long appointment, and Madalyn was a little angel the whole time!! (of course, one kid is always easier than two.) December also has brought more snow than I've seen in a few years. Though I'm not a fan of driving in it, we sure have loved having it. Abby was so excited to build this snowman with a huge carrot nose and goldfish eyes. I'm also a super lazy cook these days, so one night we ate at the food court and rewarded the girls good eating/behavior with a carousal ride, which they both were so sad when it ended. Abby also had the best time holding her newest baby girl cousin Raegan. She is one beautiful baby!! Since August, we have had two new baby boy cousins on my side and a boy and girl cousin on Sams side. So many new babies!!! (we are next!!)
 Again, December has had some slow mornings, but this new picture is one of my most favorites of my girls. Also, a lot of races have taken place downstairs and the girls FINALLY got to sit on Santas lap!
 This month has also brought some forced family pictures. I had to get one of all of us in our red clothes the Sunday before Christmas!! Its also brought the naughty out of my girls as they ripped open a new package of gum while I was showering and ate 8 pieces!! I also had to include this super creepy and hilarious picture of Abby, because it seriously had me ugly laughing one night after a particularly trying day. And its been these sisters avoiding nap time like the plague but being cute about it. 
And lastly, this month has been a little 2 year old whose life was over at Harmons one night. Its been new makeup from Aunt Ashley which made for one happy 4 year old, and its been more naughtiness on Christmas Eve. Apparently, Abby got bored while pooping and her little sister helped. 

Yes, December was a good month. A good last month as a family of 4. Stay tuned for Christmas and our 2015 in review!! (and before we know it, a baby update!)

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  1. you look fantastic! oh my goodness what is up with abbys crazy face?! hahahah im dying! i love seeing your girly girls and their fancy nails and makeup. its going to be so fun to see you with a BOY! i cant believe hes going to be here so soon ahhhH!!!! ps being pregnant is the worst, esp the 3rd time so complain away!