Tuesday, December 29, 2015

37 weeks and 5 days

Man alive, this pregnancy has been rough, both physically and emotionally. With Abby and Maddie, I was of course ready to have a baby, but this time around I am flat out done!! I've been done for months now and I am so, so happy that there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I'm looking forward to so much once this baby comes. Here is a list of a few of the major things I can't wait to do!!!

1) Eat. Eat like a normal person. I hate food, as I have complained about quite a bit (sorry about that!) But its bad. Even food I do manage to eat I still don't really enjoy. And, I honestly can't wait to get back to eating healthy. That's just not happening as much as i'd like these days. I'm looking forward to salads for lunch again and cooking a healthy meal that I will actually enjoy!!

2) No more heartburn. A common complaint of the pregnant woman.

3) Being able to hug Sam again really tight without a hard belly getting in the way. I love to hug that man and It will be wonderful to be able to really really hug him again!!

4) Rolling over in bed without causing a mini earthquake as I do so. Also along those lines, being able to get out of bed without struggle, getting off the floor with ease, and not needing a crane to get out of the bathtub.

5) Running. I cannot wait to run again!! I'm so excited to get back to it!! And along those lines, being able to workout harder again.

6) Not gagging at the slightest thing. Anywhere from wind in my face to changing a diaper makes me gag. And every time I do gag, I have to sit and wait to see if I'm going to puke, because every. single. time I feel stuff wanting to come up. Gross.

7) Sleeping better. I know, I know. With a newborn I wont be sleeping much at all, but when i do sleep, I feel it will be more soundly and if nothing else, more comfortably.

8) Snuggling with my girls more comfortably. Lately they have been such snugglers, especially Madalyn. I can't wait til I don't have a big hard belly in the way!!!

9) Clothes/garments not rolling below/above my belly anymore. I  hate things under my stomach. I hate things above my stomach. I hate an exposed stomach.

10) Being able to wear my ring once more!! Yahoo!!

Well, there you have it. My super complainy list of things I can't wait to have happen once this baby makes its exit out of the womb. 2 more weeks. I can hang in there for 2 more weeks...right? Either way, I know our little Andrew Samuel will be totally worth it all.

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  1. Super cute picture of you! And pregnant women have a right to complain. Can"t wait to see pictures of your little man!