Monday, December 21, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Less than 4 weeks left!!!

Week: 36 weeks and 4 days!!

Size of Baby: Big and only getting bigger. Seriously, I feel so HUGE!!! Haha. My tummy is definitely in the way all the time. Please bless Andy doesn't make it to 9 lbs plus this time around...

Movement: Through the day he seems pretty quiet. I am obviously more busy so I don't notice as much, but as soon as i sit down for the night he goes crazy. Its starting to hurt sometimes, but I still love it. Except when he jumps on my bladder. I accidentally pee enough as it is. He doesn't have to do that to me too!!

What I've been eating: I've been trying so hard to eat healthy, but its just not working most the time. Food is nasty, unless its mint M&M's, Oreos, Cocoa Dino Bites, and anything holiday. Last night we had a pot roast for dinner and it was actually good though, so that was a Christmas miracle. 4 more weeks and then I can enjoy food again. Yay!

How I've been feeling: Eh. Last week was hard. I was nauseous and achy and sad. But this weekend and today have been good!!

Best Moment of the Week: When Sam brought me home pretzel bites Friday night after work, and yesterday was the best Sunday before Christmas ever!! Church was wonderful and filled with the spirit, naps were a perfect length of time, dinner tasted amazing, and playing Mario/relaxing was wonderful!!

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas this week and the birth of my son. Obviously. Good vibes that he will come a week (or more!!) early please!!! ;)

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  1. You look beautiful! And my bladder hurt so bad all the time near the end and is still recovering from Kendrick, so may yours have friendlier days. I pray you are blessed with an earlier delivery and that you have the best Christmas!