Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

I have to admit, this summer has been kinda the pits. We have had some fun, but with Madalyn starting out the summer (Memorial Day weekend exactly) being sick for a month and then spending time in the hospital, and me being pregnant sick the whole time as well, its just been the pits.

I'm feeling mostly better these days, and Madalyn is way better, so we decided to have an end of summer celebration this weekend, because heaven knows I'm over the summer and ready for full on fall, and this is the first year I've been like this. I'm totally one to hang on to summer as long as I can. Well, summer 2015, you were rough. Fall, I bet you will be better.

Friday we started out right. Sam got off work at 2, so shortly after he got home we got in our suits and headed over to Oquirrh Park Fitness Center for some swimming. My kids have come a long way with water this summer, mostly Madalyn. At the beginning she HATED even the thought of getting in her suit, never mind actually getting wet. On Friday she was a fishy along with Abby. It was so much fun!! We will definitely have to keep hitting the indoor pools this winter to keep it up! My sister and her family met us there so it was even more fun!! After swimming we went to Wingers together, and I actually ate my chicken!! Wow! I hate chicken when I'm pregnant, but Wingers wings are always yummy. That night after the kids were in bed, Sam and I cuddled up and watched Girl Meets World. :)

Saturday after a banana muffin breakfast, in which my cute 4 year old helper helped me make, we headed to Lehi and hit the outlets there. Sam got some killer deals on work clothes, and I made out with a $12 (originally $40) bra and $8 (originally $28) sunglasses. Not bad. Not bad at all. We took a break and ate our picnic lunch in our car, and then finished at Carters getting Abby some comfy pants, Madalyn a shirt, and baby boy a cute elephant binkie clip.

Sunday church was nice. Sam and I both got released from our callings as young mens president and primary second councilor a few weeks ago, and got called to team teach the youth Sunday school class. It actually is a lot of fun, mostly because I get to be with him!! AND I get to go to Relief Society (haven't been able to in 4 years) AND Sam gets to come home after church AND STAY HOME!! If you can't tell, I am ecstatic. After our long 2 hour naps, we met my family at Copperton Park for a BBQ and I FINALLY got to meet baby Wyatt. My girls were both so excited, but it was Madalyn who melted my heart with how sweet she was with him. That little girl is going to be such a cute big sister!!

Monday, Sam and I got up and speed cleaned our house, and then headed to Park City/Heber with my family once again. The outlets actually weren't as big of a success as Saturday, as Old Navy doesn't have a maternity section there. Yeah. I was mad. I just need some jeans!! But my girls got cute dresses and I can't wait for them to wear them. After a bit of shopping, we headed to Heber and ate at Granny's. Once again, it was pregnant Caitlin approved. I ate most my burger, which is unheard of, and enjoyed every last bite of my Raspberry shake! It was really good. We ate at a park and then just finished off the day watching the kids play at the park while the adults visited and baby boy kicked in glee from my Cherry Dr. Pepper.

The girls were really tired and hungry at this point
It was such a much-needed fun weekend, and I am sad its over. I always get sad when long fun weekends come to an end, but as my dad says: "Such is life in this fallen sphere." And now that September is here, its time for festivals, fairs, caramel apples, and cool weather!!


  1. I'm ready for fall too, for many of the same reasons! HAha, it's fun to be pregnant together. It sounds like an awesome weekend. Who doesn't love deals! I'm also really happy about you being released from your callings, I know you needed a break. Plus I teach the youth in Sunday School too! You're lucky you get to team teach - I'm all on my own. And sometimes the Come Follow Me lessons are hard. But I have been enjoying it and I'm sure you will too. If you have a good lesson plan, send it to me!!! ;) Hooray for fall!

  2. i am so glad your appetite is back- and even happier that you guys are released! seriously i cant believe they had you both in big callings for that long. i am with you- thank goodness summer is over and fall is here!