Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life Lately

 Life lately has been a fun coloring session in the living room. Usually my girls (especially Madalyn) color for like 5 minutes and get bored. This one lasted a good 45 minutes. Life has been sweet Madalyn hugs, a stinker Madalyn crawling around on the table, and an adorable Abby who somehow got paint perfectly on her nose and cheeks, claiming it "just happened."
Life lately has been bed time reading shenanigans, among the messy floor of Abbys room. Its been Abby having to put makeup on along with me on Sunday mornings. (she is such a girl). Its been Abby...I mean Rapunzel, in her wedding dress and veil on the day I married her and Flynn (you should hear her play. She does an adorable boy voice for Flynn....also don't mind the mess. I was sorting laundry) and its been laying down with her baby Emily to try and get her to sleep. 
 Life lately has been Abby's first day of preschool, and Madalyn wanting to be in the picture too. Its been a sad Madalyn when she realized she couldn't go to preschool with her favorite sister. Its been Madalyn enjoying the time just her and I and Sesame Street at my parents, and its been my adorable girls snuggled up in our bed watching movies.
 Life lately has been Madalyn showing off her flying skills. Its been a protective big sister comforting a scared Madalyn from the Thunder. Its been a stinker of a 2 year old finding my mascara and applying it with perfection, and its been my two girls hanging out, one of which dressed herself. 
 Life lately has been Abby wearing my boots around the house. Its been an upset Madalyn when Abby didn't let her in the bathroom while she pooped. Its been playing basket games on my bed (I promise it does eventually get made...sometimes) and the day in the life of Madalyn, who is easy to get dressed vs. Abby, who doddles all. morning. long. 
Lastly, life has been catching two naughty girls playing in the dirt after I told them not to. Its been a necklace Abby made with some findings at a yard sale (we took off this necklace shortly after due to it being too tight...oops). Life has been a wonderful date night to the adult session of conference...AKA the only session I got something out of, and it was glorious,  and its been a beautiful walk to Stake Conference the next morning with my two cuties all dressed up. Let it be noted, my girls were so, so good for two hours at Stake conference. Surprisingly so. Abby did keep saying she was bored, and still talks about how long and boring it was, and we had to constantly bribe Madalyn with fruit snacks and Hi-chews, and so it was hard to listen. But we survived. And even though we can't listen like we once used to, it felt good being there and showing the girls how important it is. 


  1. i just miss you guys! they are so adorable and just the bestest of friends. and so girly! i wish i had girls :( i will live vicariously through you guys

  2. Those girls! So cute! And the adult sessions of stake conference are the best.