Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 3rd Trimester Baby!!

Week: 30 Weeks!!! Yahoo!!! This pregnancy has been by far my hardest and to think I only have 10 MORE WEEKS LEFT is reason to celebrate. So that's where my nap will come in this afternoon. :)

Size of Baby: A Butternut squash, or about 17 in, and 3.1lbs.

Movement: Kid be cray cray. He is getting so strong. I don't remember being as surprised by some of his movements as I was with my girls. However, he is also already proving to be a stinker (in Tappana fashion) by stopping as soon as I try to get the girls or Sam to look at my belly going crazy or feeling it. Little punk.

What I've been eating: My friend Stacy made a scrumptious Tomato Basil soup at the Halloween party we went to Saturday night and I literally couldn't get enough soup + grilled cheese sandwiches. Holy crap. So good. Also, Tuesday I just HAD to have a meatball sub from Subway. Two very heartburn causing meals, but worth it. Other than that, I still despise food, especially if I have to make it. My poor husband and kids. Abby rejoices when we go to eat out because she knows she doesn't have to eat moms crap food. Anyone else turn into an awful cook while pregnant? Mind you, I'm not that awesome anyway, but when I'm pregnant its even worse, probably because I dry heave the whole time. In 10 weeks, I'm giving myself the week after Andy is born to seriously just oink anything and everything!!!

How I've been feeling: Same old same old. Not fantastic, and heartburn all the time. All. The. Time. I can't wait until I feel 100% good. Man, come on these next 10 weeks. Hurry!!!

Best Moment of the week: Honestly, this week has been really, really hard. Not my favorite. The kids haven't been adjusting to the time change well or something and we have been having a hard time with not wanting to go to bed and not listening. Also, Maddie was sick this past weekend, which figures it would happen on a weekend I've been looking forward to for months, but she just has not been well and has not eaten. Like, I can count on one hand the things she ate Tuesday, and that is how she started out before she went to the hospital. So, there have been lots of tears on my part. Well yesterdat, she ate a whole banana and drank all her instant breakfast for breakfast and for lunch I decided to let the kids have Wendys. Madalyn ate almost all of her nuggets and most her fries. And then as we were watching a movie she ate 2 string cheeses, a sandwich, a banana, and some waffle. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but seeing her eat, when just this past weekend she was refusing EVERYTHING calmed my worried heart so much! I am so relieved and some of the stress is gone. Now I feel like I can better handle all the other changes the girls are all the sudden putting me through!

What I'm looking forward to: I can't wait til Thanksgiving, even though I'm not dying of excitement over the food this year. (boo) but I love, love, love the Holiday so much!!! But I'm also looking forward to Christmas time. Which, despite my rules of waiting until Thanksgiving for all my Christmas needs, I find myself hoping I hear a Christmas song on the radio and I even snuck watched 12 Dates of Christmas as I cleaned the house earlier this week. Don't judge. I'm pregnant and I have all the feels. 


  1. all these feels hahahah 10 weeks! then youre down to single digets!!

  2. I swear it sounds like we're twins sometimes with all the same symptoms. Extra active baby, heartburn, not feeling so great, trying my best to stay away from Christmas stuff though I'm pretty much desperate for'll be interesting to see how two little Tappana baby boys born a month apart resemble each other :)

    And I'm so glad Madalyn ate, I've been worrying about her being sick and it flaring up her issues again. So happy that she seems to be on the mend!

    Why when I hear 10 weeks left for you does it seem so short, and when I had 10 weeks left it seemed so LONG?! Haha, can't believe you're already 30 weeks. :)