Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Riddance January!

Dear January,

I have made my feelings very clear to you in the past, and I will make them clear again. I DO NOT LIKE YOU! This year was no exception. You're cold, you're smoggy, and I swear you stuff two months into one. You have no fun Holidays after almost 2 months of celebrations, your days are long dark and cold, and you're simply horrible. I've heard you been called "The Monday of the Year," and I couldn't agree more.

Not to mention I now have the second cold of the month. I rang you in miserable, and I will gladly see you leave slightly less miserable. (ok, nothing compares to the influenza I had at the beginning. This one is just a slight stuffy nose/cough.)

Point is January, you suck. And I am so glad to see you leave tomorrow.

February, I will welcome you with open arms in the morning.


  1. Normally, I've never minded January. In fact I haven't noticed it at all. But this year, I'm with you all the way. January SUCKED! Good riddance. And may February treat us all a little nicer.

  2. i agree, january is the worst. the worst of the worsts. it's like if the worst and the blog had a baby, it'd be january

  3. I. Hate. January. You said it perfectly in this post. Worst. Month. Ever. Sooooo glad it's February, the month of love...and four weeks closer to spring :)