Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Lag

Remember when I used to blog multiple times a week? And remember when those blogs used to actually have things going on in them? Well, I've hit a blog lag. Honestly, life is pretty mundane round these parts lately. I just never do anything exciting to blog about/all my ideas I used to get just stopped coming. It must be these winter blues. January is quite the depressing month.

I do, however, have some cute videos of Abby you can enjoy. I mean really? How can you not enjoy her cuteness?
This first video was clear back before Christmas when we went shopping all day and rewarded ourselves with Wendy's. She's got the moves, am I right? I bet she'll make it big in the dancing world.
And this last one is Abby having a blast with her bean bag. Simple pleasures for this little one.

I know. Even this blog isn't exciting, but it's cute right?


  1. oh my goodness she has the cutest little laugh! i wish i enjoyed bean bags that much- or a single nugget. i need at least 20.... maybe 25

  2. I often go through a blog lag. I'm going through one right now I know exactly how you feel. On top of that, I always wonder who the heck even reads my blog to care. Meh. I hope spring and summer come fast! I'm sick of this cold!