Friday, January 25, 2013

Life Lately, According to my Phone

 Life has been loving standing on the chair, and loving even more climbing up onto the table. It's been messing up books that were put away seconds before, and it's watching Gilmore Girls while putting things on her head.
 It's been cute daddy daughter time in the snow, my new $11 dollar shoes from payless with an Abby mess beyond the camera, its been Abby not wanting cuddles before bed, therefore falling asleep on the floor, and Abby upset with me because I force fed her oatmeal. I know. Mean mom.
 It's delicious juice I can't get enough of, It's falling asleep instead of eating lunch, and it's being so tuned into Sesame Street while sitting in her Princess chair that she didn't even notice me.
 Life has been getting mad, and giving me her dirty looks.
 It's been extra cuddly with mommy and playing with my face, taking the batteries out of the remote and placing them in Weasly's cage (which she knows I'll never open to get out) and it's been putting on my makeup.
And, life has been reading books on the rocking chair while I've done homework, getting bundled up to go on our first walk in weeks, and enjoying Ramen. Every. Last. Bite.


  1. how funny how she likes ramen!! i just love all these pics! and i didnt know you named your vermin wesley- hahaha i cant remember if its a gerbil or guinea pig or whatnot. and i too love that juice

  2. I seriously love these posts :). Your life is great! And I'm great! Ummm...I mean you're great. Hahaha

  3. I love the picture of her and Sam in the snow. So picturesque. I would frame that one if it were me.

    I also find it funny that most of her meltdowns/glares/unhappy times are in her high chair...unless there's Ramen :)

    And now I want new shoes. The end.