Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life Lately According To My Phone: In The Sick Of It All.

 Life has been trying to get a decent picture of little Miss Abbigale in her cute Christmas dress, to no avail.
 It's been playing in the much-wanted snow, opening Christmas presents, and playing/sitting in said Christmas presents. 
 Life has been refusing to get off the toilet (that she apparently likes more than her new princess chair) and the two of us ringing in the new year being sicker than snot for 5 days. 
And it's been finally having an appetite back and snarfing mac and cheese and pudding, and it's been coming home from work with a love-note from my sweet husband.

Life hasn't been that cool really, but it's been life. 


  1. Whew I haven't commented on anyone's blog for weeks because of vacation so I feel sort of out of it. But anyways, Ammon's obsessed with sitting on toilets too. One of his favorite places. Tappana thing? And I love the Christmas dress, even if the pictures were fuzzy.

  2. oh my gosh that poor little girl and my poor bff8- im so sorry you guys have been sick = the worst. but her christmas dress was the cutest thing ever, even if she can't sit still for a pic. and that samsters, what a romantic. love it