Wednesday, January 23, 2013

18 Months

It's that time again. Time to brag about my adorable daughter and the cute/smart/hilarious things she does.
Abby turned 18 months on Monday. She is now nursery age. (granted, she has already been going, but it feels good for it to be official.) And knowing I don't have to wrestle with her the last two hours of church makes me really very happy.
She was in the middle of telling us about her cup

Got into mommy's makeup

Climbed from the chair to the table

Life father, like daughter

At 18 months, Abby can:

  • Say "lets go!"
  • "Brrr it's cold"
  • "baby" (of course)
  • "Bye Bye"
  • "Doggie"
  • "Banana" (which sounds like baby)
  • A bunch of other things that sound like baby
  • She whispers "Shhhh" and taps her nose when someone is sleeping
  • She is constantly spinning circles
  • She has a great throwing arm, and loves throwing balls.
  • She doesn't like to eat still, unless it is chicken nuggets, hot dogs, bananas, oranges, apples, peppers, cucumbers, pizza, peanut butter bread/toast, tomatoes, fries, tortillas or candy especially chocolate. (ok, so maybe that is a lot for a 18 month old?)
  • She hates her high-chair
  • She refuses to eat dinner on Sundays. And sometimes during the week.
  • She is constantly running
  • She loves her mommy, until daddy gets home. Then he is her favorite person in the whole world.
  • She loves to climb on things, like the table.
  • If she can't get on something, she will pat it until we lift her up to sit on it. Or if she wants you to sit by her she will pat the place next to her
  • The stairs are still her favorite place to sit and read her books.
  • She loves cell phones
  • Her laugh sounds like she has a cold
  • She loves to type on the computer
  • She still wears mostly 12 month clothes
  • And she is the most dramatic little girl in the world. Seriously, when she has a melt down, you would think it was the end of the world.

I know I've said this before, and I know all moms say it, but Sam and I can't believe this beautiful little spunky girl is ours. Every day she never ceases to amaze us. I still can't believe we made something so beautiful. She is the light of our lives. We often talk about how life would be without her. Sure, we would have more money, sure we would go on more dates, but really. Life without Abby is no life at all!

We love you to bits and tiny peaces Abbigale Mae.


  1. (Smile) I love her. It's as simple as that :)

  2. i just love these so much! they make me feel like i know her a little bit [but i only really know the little kitten cub in her transformative state]. she is just so beautiful and hilarious! and she says so much too! and eats a lot too! i lurv that little girl like i lurv a hole in the head

  3. Hahaha! I really am in love with the last collage of pictures. Oh Abby. You are a character :) And 18 months is a good age, but then again I'm a fan of the half years like I was telling you the other night.