Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Day

Have I ever mentioned that Sam works for the best company ever? Well, he does. Because of the snow, they let everyone leave at 2 today to allow for a safe drive home. So needless to say, we took advantage of the extra time by playing in the snow, and then going to a quaint little diner for an early dinner. Great start to our weekend!

Snow, please keep coming down, because we really love you. (well, except the fact I have to drive in it tonight for work. But after that we can be snowed in for all I care.)

Happy Weekend!


  1. does abby like the snow?? i love her panda hat!! now we are snow sisters and it is the worst hahah

  2. I love that picture of Abby! So cute :). Tim's work volunteered to put up cots for their workers that didn't want to brave the drive home. Hahaha! I wish they would have told everyone to go home! Tim's car got snowed in in the parking lot and he had to have some of his coworker friends dig him and push him out. I LOVE this snow! I say keep it coming too!