Monday, January 14, 2013

I Need A Resolution

I know this resolution post is a little late, but whatever. I've been busy! I started school last week and between that, work, being a mom, and trying to take care of the house I fear I have bitten off more than I can chew. But this school thing will be good in the long run right?

Sam and I decided this year instead of making goals for the year and probably not following through on them, we are going to make monthly goals. We have our phone calendars set for the second day of every month where we will sit down and see if we did good on our last months goals, and set more for that current month. I am really excited about this. We aren't very great at setting goals and following through with them, but I feel good about this idea.
So, we've broken up our goals into categories: personal, home, physical, church/spiritual. (well, Sams are a little different, but those are the areas I want to work on.)

This month I want to:
Keep up on my school work
Clean out Abby's closet
Clean out my cupboards
Get back to exercising at least 3x a week
Stay away from the junk food
Drink more water
Plan my lessons in advance
And truly seek out answers to my gospel questions.

So January, lets do this thing.

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  1. Those are good goals! And you guys are smart to do it that way, I'm impressed!