Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Nerd In Me.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge HUGE Harry Potter fan, therefore, I am considered a nerd. But it's ok. Nerds are cool.
So this post is dedicated to all the fellow nerds out there. This might be a frequent post. It might not. But i've pinned a whole bunch of cool HP things, that even the least likely nerd should find funny. (maybe though if you haven't read the books, it might not be.)
Yes. It's true. People that know me think I'm delusional when I say I attended Hogwarts. Or maybe they just think I am crazy. Either way, it was the best 7 years of my life. Just ask my BFF8
This one just simply makes me happy. Mixing my two nerd-loves together.
Again, another true statement. Just ask my family.
Pretty self explanatory. And funny.
I know I posted this one on facebook, but siriusly guys it is too good to not be posted in multiple places.
On a more seriousimhiperventilatingathowcoolthisis note, wow. One thing I NEVER picked up in all my times reading this series. I need to read it again now. JK Rowling is pure GENIUS!
And lastly, I need this. I need this real bad. It. would. complete. me. (cough Sam cough)

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  1. yayyaa for mega nerds!! i love me some hp. it's esp nice of jk to immortalize our time at hogwarts in these books, even if she changed our names/hid our idenitity. it's not hard being so magical and awesome, being so mythical and powerful. we do what we can though

  2. I toats didn't know snape died. I still have to watch the last movie.

  3. While I love Harry Potter, I don't know the ins and outs of it like you. Though, despite what Sam says, I am not a Muggle! I am definitely a Wizard. He'd better be careful or I might send a death curse his way ;)

    Seriously, whenever I see a Harry Potter pin on Pinterest I always want to pin it for you. And that Sirius one is the best. Siriusly.