Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Valentines was great this year. Even though not much went on on the 14th, I was still super giddy all day long. I loved looking at ooey gooey Valentine posts and made sure my 2 Valentines got enough kisses and loves.

When Sam got home from work, he surprised me with a yummy heart full of strawberries and then we kept the night low key by going to Panda Express for dinner and then coming home and watching our favorite shows on NBC.
Yes, Valentines Day was fantastic, but it was Saturday night I was really excited for. Sam was planning our date and he said I would love it. And guess what? I did!!

He surprised me by taking me to Joe Morelys. I have been craving that place for like...a year or so but for some reason we hadn't made it. So he made sure I got me some good BBQ! It was everything I hoped it would be and more.
During dinner, we exchanged gifts. I got him the new Bouncing Souls album, and he got me the most beautiful necklace ever! (and it wasn't even expensive!)
After dinner, we hit some stores and did some fun shopping (hello $7 skirt from Old Navy) and then did my very favorite thing ever-went ice skating!! It was so. much. fun! And I only almost fell once and made horrible ugly sounds in the process. (Sam had to stop skating he was laughing so hard-the sound was THAT ugly)
Yep. It was the perfect date. Thank you Sam! And thank you grandma and grandpa for watching Abby so we could get a much needed night out!!

I am so glad I married Samuel Tappana. He truly makes me happy. I am so in love with that man!!


  1. Aw, so cute! This post truly appealed to my Valentine-lovin' heart :) I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

  2. Ahhh, how cute! I love this! I love that all three sister in laws love Valentines day. It's the best holiday ever! It looks like you guys were able to celebrate and enjoy some wonderfulness. I love the necklace! So pretty! And Abby looks cute in her Valentines day outfit :)

  3. this is why you guys get cutest couple award. you don't spend a lot of money but do fun, simple things. i love love love that! i wish justin enjoyed things like sam does. your necklace is gorgeous too! happy vday puddlepaws!!