Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Joys (more like the woe's) of Pregnancy.

Well the cat it out of the bag. We are soon going to be a family of 4! Crazy to think about having another kid. I mean, with how much I love Abby, how can I love another kid just as much? I know it will happen, but it just seems so weird to me!

Despite being over the moon excited though, I really dislike being pregnant. Now I try to not be the annoying complainy pregnant lady, and for the most part I think I'm not, (unless you ask Sam. Or my mom. They would tell you differently) but seriously, this constant nausea and food aversion needs to stop! I remember when Sam and I were deciding it was time to have another baby. The veil was safely over my eyes and I told him there was no way this pregnancy was going to be as hard as Abby's. I knew what to do to avoid being sick and plus, being pregnant was 'fun.' Ha. It's probably only fun for baby. Well fetus number 2, enjoy your fun because in about 25 weeks, you'll be out and in my arms!

So, as to not sound too much like a cranky old pregnant lady, here are some things I both like, and dislike about being pregnant.

Things I dislike:

  • I pee my pants when I puke. Every. Single. Time.
  • I dislike that I work until 2am. I mean, It's really hard! I am dead tired all the time and by the end of the week I am a boring pregnant zombie. BUT I do love working with all ladies that know exactly what I am going through.
  • The nausea. Oh how I hate the nausea. I do feel like I have it more under control this time around, just because I know what to expect, but it still doesn't make it any more fun.
  • Food aversions like lemons, any sort of pasta with a tomato-base sauce, which also means Olive Garden is currently out, and Subway. (just typing about these aversions makes me want to puke)
  • Frequent urination, which leads to being a light sleeper too having to get up a lot during the night therefore hearing my dear husband snore. (heck, even his breathing gets to me sometimes.)
  • I don't like chocolate and I dislike that. It just makes me feel icky.
  • I seem to catch everything that comes around.
  • I cry all. the. time.
Things I like:
  • Nothing.
Haha Just kidding.
  • I like that due to throwing up, I've lost 8 lbs, bringing me below my pre-pregnancy weight with Abby.
  • I am more prepared to puke in public by keeping a gallon ziplock bag in my purse at all times. (still have yet to figure out the pee situation.)
  • On that note, I know when I'm about to throw up so I've had very little puke accidents. 
  • I seem to have more good days then I did with Abby. Take these past few days for instance. I have felt terrific!
  • I love my freaky dreams. Like this morning, I had a dream that one of my volunteers at work got lost, so two ladies found him and folded him up like laundry and brought him back to me. He was sort of going crazy, so I was carrying him between my hands like a folded up shirt looking for the other volunteer to take care of crazy folded guy.
  • Things seem to go faster this time, because I'm so busy with Abby. 
  • I love water this time around. I could guzzle the stuff most of the time. On the other hand, I really love coke too.
  • This time around I feel like I am keeping up better fitness, despite the fact I've been so sick and tired.
  • I am happy that I am getting my bump already...although to the untrained eye, I just look chubby.
  • I am happy to announce that my energy is returning slowly but surly. And more so at the beginning of the week.
  • I have had a lot more cravings this time around: gummy/fruity candies, Spicy McChicken sandwiches from McDonald's specifically, soft serve ice cream, wafer cookies, and soft pretzels just to name a few.
  • I LOVE picturing Abby as a big sister. She loves babies so much, I can only imagine just how much she will love her baby sister or brother. And I'm betting she will teach him or her lots of naughty tricks.

Well would you look at that? It appears I do like more things about pregnancy then not. However, I still prefer not being pregnant. 6 more months. 


  1. i just loved this through and through- made me literally lol when you said you pee your pants when you puke. which makes me so glad i have a c-sec pooch. im so glad youre not as sick too- this post made me kinda sorta maybe a little itty bitty bit wish i was pregnant too with you....almost.

    and i agree abby will be the BEST big sister- she just loves babis!!!

  2. Ah, Pregnancy posts. I never tire of them. Ever. I'm glad your lists of positives is bigger and that you are doing better this time.

    And if you ever have to puke in public, just shove one of Abby's diapers down your underwear to protect your pants :) Hahaha (hey it would work and it would be better than pee-pants...KEGELS woman!!)

    And I CANNOT wait for you to start showing, you still just look fantastic to me.