Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Weekend

So all morning I've been trying to figure out how to do a dumb collage on this thing. finally figured it out, but then Abby got fussy, so I did it practically one it's pretty crappy. Whatever. So here are some snapshots of the weekend!
Could have made it bigger. Still learning. Oh well. This weekend was so much fun! Friday after Sam got off work we went to Moochie's. Soooo yummy. Then we went to the capital to watch Tangled. Saturday we ate at in and out, had a bbq with our ward (not pictured) and tried out Ammon's bumbo. She is still too small, but super cute! Better go do something hold my crying baby!


  1. Aren't you so glad that you have such an awesome Brother and Sister in-law that introduced you to Moochies? Tim and I went there yesterday for lunch. Mmmmmm...Moochies :). You should try it with cheese whiz! Oooh so good! I think it's a dollar more, but totally worth it!

    You totally need a bumbo! But until you get one, you can use Emmy's. It's not like we're using it or anything. It's so nice to just put her in it and go on with your day. Let me know if you want to borrow it! I'll run it over! :)

  2. Wow trying out a collage on here would be hard. You should try Picasa. Or an online editor. But you did better than I could probably do on here!

    I wish we could have gone to moochies and done all that fun stuff! But I'm glad you guys came to visit, that was fun and Abby smiled at me :)