Thursday, September 1, 2011

Platform Nine and Three Quarters

Ah. It's here. September the 1st. As I walked out the door to take Sam to the train station today, I thought of another train station I am familiar with. King's Cross Station and Platform 9 3/4. Now you might be thinking, "what does a great muggle like yourself know about Platform 9 3/4?" Well, that would be a good question if, well, I was a muggle. Crookshanks is out of the Sorting Hat. Yes, I am a wizard.

I remember when I first got my letter telling me I was a witch. Mum and Dad were so proud! We had a witch in the family! And a thumpin' good one at that, for a witch from the USofA to be accepted to Hogwarts instead of the one in America "Academy of Magic". Really? With a name like that it's quite laughable. Anywho, we started to prepare to make the trip to England. After setting things up with the Ministry of Magic, we were able to catch a Portkey from Utah to New York, where we had a slight lay over before we could catch a fireplace to Diagon Alley. Let me tell you, my first experience with Floo Powder was not a fun one. Take Harry's first experience and times it by two and that was mine. The worst.

Diagon Alley was the best family vacation we were ever on. We spent the week enjoying the 'hot spots' in there; riding the wild cart rides in Gringotts, going to Madam Malkin's to get my robes, Ollivander's for the wand, we visted the Eeylopes Owl Emporium to get me an owl, ate frequently at the Leaky Cauldron, and my daddy bought me a Nimbus 2000 at the broom store as a congratulations gift. (only to find out later first years weren't allowed brooms. Thankfully, since we were an American muggle family, Dumbledore looked past this and let me keep it. Later, I became one of his favorite students.)

Then September 1st came, the day to board on the Hogwarts Express. That morning was full of emotion: excitement, worry, sadness. After a tearful goodbye to my family, I was on the train and on my way to my future. (Thankfully meeting who is now my BFF Mel Harrison. I could not have made it without her. Another story for another time)

After that first ride, I came to really look forward to the long train ride to Hogwarts. Getting "anything from the trolley", chasing Nevilles frog up and down the halls, playing Exploding Snap and Wizards Chests, and swapping frog cards. Making friends and memories. No teachers to say nothing. Our last freedom before school. (which I also loved) Oh September 1st! Thanks for the fond memories.

Perhaps this little munchkin will take after her mummy. Till we know for sure, I'll keep her on the up and up about this life. (ya, like I'd write a blog post and not mention her or include a picture)


  1. hhahhaa oh my gosh this is hilarious! i esp love the 'crookshanks' comment- speaking of which justin said something about crookshanks and i said something and he THEN realized we didn't make up the name crookshanks, that its from HP- hahaaa. oh gosh, im esp thankful you included my hot picture- if only you could see my twittering fingers. i bet abby will be magical- i mean, look what shes got for a mom- one of the most popular and most powerful witches of all time. plus she an immortal child, so double jeopardy

  2. I like this a lot! And how could you not include your precious little girl ?? :) She is so sweet.

  3. Wow. That's all I have to say is wow.

    I don't think I could ever be this creative so props to you.

    That was very fun to read! And I miss school! And Harry Potter now.

  4. Oh rock. I just love you :)