Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day

Well lookie who is helping me blog today! Can I just say that there is nothing that satisfies me more than being a mommy? I just can't get enough of this little girl! Yesterday I went swimming with my mom. It was my first time away from her for longer than a half hour since she has been born. It was nice to have some me time, but she was all I was thinking/talking about. She is 7 weeks today. I can't believe how much time has flown. I remember when I had 7 weeks left with her. Sam and I tried to watch all 7 Harry Potters. That last 7 weeks of my pregnancy DRAGGED. And now here she is, already 7 weeks old. Crazy!

Anyway, to get to the point of my blog, Labor Day. We had a fantastic Labor Day. The whole weekend was fantastic, but particularly Labor Day. It helped that Sam had an extra day home with me and Da Abbinator, (said in best Arnold impression). We met my family up in Logan. My whole family! It has been a long time since all of us could be together on a holiday. My parents treated us all to The Bluebird, a family favorite restaurant first discovered when my sister and brother-in-law went to school at USU. And guess what we all got? The Bluebird Chicken of course. Well, except Sam. He decided to be different and got the 6oz sirloin. What a chump. Doesn't he know the whole reason to eat at the Bluebird is for said chicken? Anywho, after lunch we went to a pretty park with a small lake. The kids played in the water and us adults just relaxed. Abby had a great time being snuggled by Grammy. We then went to a real park where the kids all played on the toys.

Notice her 'thumbs up' pose?
That night when we got home we just relaxed and got ready for the new week. Holidays are always so nice. Even if it is the last holiday of the summer. This summer was on my Top 5 list of best summers ever, and I'm sad for it to be over. But I am looking forward to the next few months!


  1. I LOVE Logan! I wish I lived there sometimes. I frequently find myself dreaming about the house that I will live in someday in Logan. It's huge, and has a wrap around porch that looks out onto a lake or a stream or something amazing because Logan is amazing. Someday... :)
    When Sammy sent Tim a text saying that you guys would be in Logan most of the day, I almost made Tim change our plans so that we could go and spend all day in Logan too! I was a little bit jealous :). But so glad you had fun!

  2. I don't think I had the bluebird chicken when I went to bluebird, maybe that's why I didn't care very much for it! I'll have to make a trip out to Logan and try it again.

    It sounds like an awesome Labor Day! I just love the picture of Abby with her thumbs up pose. It cracked me up. So cute!

  3. oh i love the thumbs up!! and the sepia pic- soo artistic. what a fancy little model you have there