Sunday, September 4, 2011

Abbigale's Blessing

Today we blessed Abby. It was beautiful. Sam gave such a sweet blessing. I am so thankful for him and the priesthood he holds. Sam was pretty nervous to give the blessing, but I think it was absolutely perfect. The best part was a sweet lady in my ward, Sister Coon who I serve in the primary with (she is the president) wrote down the blessing for us. So sweet of her and I'm so happy to have it!

Abby looked beautiful! She wore the blessing dress my sister and I wore. I loved that she could do that. The cute little bow on her head is compliments from my friend Angela. I loved dressing her up for her special day. She is like the dolls I had when I was little....only a LOT cuter. Oh and real.

Unfortunately, I didn't take hardly any pictures.  We had the luncheon at our home, and seeing as it was the first time we had a huge group of people there, I was playing hostess/running around nervous like. So I forgot to more pictures, but I did take a few at the end. The food, in my humble opinion, was delicious. We had biscuits and gravy, some coffee cakes and breakfast breads, fruit, juice and chocolate milk, and some hash browns. (I think that was all) I was a little hesitant of having biscuits and gravy, but they turned out to be a hit. Thanks to my brother for making the main dish and thanks to everyone else for all the help in supplying the food. We still have lots of biscuits and gravy if anyone wants any!
This collage turned out WAY better than my last. I learned how to use Picasa.

My niece Alyssa got baptized yesterday, So the first picture is of the two of the beauty's in their white clothes. The rest are just pictures I quickly took when I realized I forgot to take anymore. Thankfully though, more pictures will soon be coming of us and Abby thanks to my brother-in-law Tracy. He is going to take family pictures for us tomorrow with her in her blessing dress. And perhaps more pictures too.

Anyway, it was a great day for a blessing. Thanks to everyone that came. It meant so much to us!


  1. I love the dress and headband! she looks so precious!

  2. ahhh she is so beautiful!!!! and thats so sweet that lady wrote down the blessing for you guys- i want to do that too. so jealous- wish i could have been there!!

  3. I wish we had someone write down Emmy's blessing! What an awesome lady! Luckily...Tim thought of having one of his friends record it on his phone for us. But I have yet to write it down from the recording :). I should probably get on that...

    Oh...and I know the real reason why you didn't take pictures. You had to wait for Tim and I to leave so that you wouldn't have to worry about taking any pictures with us in them! the truth is out there, you can just admit that was the real reason. You are embarrassed that we are your family. I understand... :)

  4. I love that first picture where her cheeks are getting so round and CUTE!

    The blessing was beautiful. I would be nervous too! Tell Sam he did great! And I LOVED her head-band!

    And it looks like you figured out the collage thing, except it's cut off where it says how you figured it out. I'll have to find out later.