Monday, September 19, 2011

Seriously So Blessed!

Ok...I know. Cheesy title, but so true. Last week, Sam and I had our prayers answered. My maternity leave is almost up, which meant I would have to go back to work. This whole time, I had planned to do just that. My awesome bosses arranged my schedule so that I could work 30 hours a week in my same position. As the time was growing closer for me to go back, I just knew that I couldn't. What with commuting time to get Abby out to my sisters, getting downtown and coming home, I was looking at 8+ hours away from Abby. I know there are people that do more than that away from their babies, but I just was feeling uneasy about it. So Sam and I prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more.

Last Wednesday I got this feeling, that seemed so unlikely that it would work out, to call the school my sisters kids go to. So Thursday I called and was pleased to find out that they were hiring and they set me up an interview for Friday. So I made a resume and went in and they practically hired me on the spot. Talk about being prompted! My mom always says that sometimes the spirit isn't logical. And this wasn't. And now look. I have a great job. I work less so I can see my baby more, and the school is REALLY close to my sister-in-law who will be taking her once a week and it's up the street from my sister. Oh and I have Friday's off, so really. It can't be better than that!

Except I do get to see these cuties all day!!
Well...4 of the 7 anyway!

It just amazes me when Heavenly Father will answer the prayers of little old me. I'm just one person in a world of millions, and yet He listened to me. And I am so thankful!


  1. yaya! so true- seriously right when you think things are never gonna go your way, one thing clicks and HF has been looking out for you the whole time- so excited for you!!!

  2. That really is so exciting. I'm always always amazed by Heavenly Father's timing (after I get over the initial frustration that he doesn't do what I think is best) and how he prepares me and takes care of me.I've especially seen this with being a mom.

    I'm excited to get some time with Abby. It's going to be great fun! :)

  3. I'm so excited that this just fell into place for you! I never cease to be amazed at how Heavenly Father answers prayers. Your new job is just another example of that :). You're gonna love your job! I just know it! :)