Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Ah General Conference time. How I love it. Tomorrow me and Sam have no plans except wake up, sit on the couch, and eat muddy buddies. (I may have to make him his own batch so he gets some.) We aren't going to go anywhere, do anything, or help anyone tomorrow. (I know. Selfish.) Well, until the Priesthood session anyway. Then I'm off to a girls night with my mama and sister.

And speaking of weekends, last Friday night was so much fun! Sam got off work early, so we went up to the mountains to see the leaves change (even though they weren't quite as changed as I would have liked) and walked around Silver Lake. Abby was sort of grumpy, but I may or may not have gone overboard on bundling her up. Also, on the pictures. After that we got home and had a little BBQ picnic with our little family. We made brats and ate outside. It was perfect! So, Here is a much wanted picture overload of last Friday.
Gotta love Picasa.
Also, my best friend Mel FINALLY had her baby! After TWENTY hours of labor, Landon Justin Harrison was born. 9lbs, 1oz, 21 in long. They are so happy I'm sure. (haven't talked to her yet...I'm sure she is exhausted.)

Anyway, better get cleaning so that my Saturday is as lazy as I want it to be. Plus, Abby now wants my attention. Oh boy! :) Have a fantastic weekend!
PS. Notice how I sorta ruined my blog? I wanted the margins bigger. I sorta like it. Sorta don't.


  1. Did you see my wedding ring up at Silver Lake? I lost it there last year :( my heart breaks a little every time I hear someone say they went there.

  2. Evelyn has that outfit. Awesome that our daughters are twinners.

  3. Sounds super fun! We still need to visit the canyons. I don't think we've even been this year!

    Conference weekend is the best! I'm excited for it too.

    I can always try and help you with your blog if you want. I can't promise amazing results or to be as blog savvy as Mel, but I can at least try. And yay for Mel and Justin :)

  4. I LOVE Silver Lake. We did that a couple weeks ago on Labor Day with my parents. Best easy hike ever...especially since it is so beautiful up there and totally stroller friendly!

  5. what a fun weekend- i love the collage of pics, esp the pic of the 3 of you and strollering it- miss that abby baby doll, and landon is quite flattered to make your blog. so proud hes really becoming something in this world ;)

    ps im writign this while breastfeeding- totally getting the hang of this biz