Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last weekend and Blog Re-vamp

So first of all, thanks to my BFF8 for helping me make my blog cute. I love it. Much like I love food. But let's be honest. I love food much more than I should. Also, the new name of my blog, Just Another Saturday, does have some significance to it. This song was the inspiration as to why we picked our wedding date, which happened to be a Saturday. (And if you listen to the song, note that they say "just another Saturday" in it.

This pic doesn't do the yard justice.
All bundled up.
Anywho, our last weekend was so much fun!! Best weekend we've had since the Abster was born. The fun started Friday when Abby and I met my mom downtown for our usual Friday lunch. We ate at Wendy's. Then we got back as Sam was just getting on lunch and hung out with daddy for a bit. Then Abby went to my moms department to meet everyone there, then down to meet everyone at daddy's work. After Sam got off work, we headed up to Kaysville to go to my co-worker Matt's wedding reception. It was beautiful there! They had it at a house and the yard was HUGE! Afterwords, we met up with our friends, The Cahoons, at the State Capital to watch Better Off Dead. Abby was such a good baby during the whole movie. When we first got there she just looked around forever, even as I changed her into her warm clothes, and then eventually just fell fast asleep. What a good baby we have!

Saturday was the day I was really looking forward to. All summer when the Lagoon commercial would come on, I would always ache to go to Lagoon. Of course, why on earth would you pay 40 something bucks for a pregnant woman to go and not ride rides? You wouldn't. And I didn't. But thanks to Sam and his work party, we were able to go to Lagoon for $8 a person. Score! My parents came as well, seeing as my mom works at DMBA too, and watched Abby so Sam and I could go on all the rides. It was such a fun day, even though at one point I swore I was going to die. Die of heat. But despite that...and despite not winning anything in Bingo, it was awesome.
Waiting in line for the Roller Coaster
Sunday we ate dinner with my family, which is always a fun, hectic event, but boy come Monday and little Abby was tuckered out. It's amazing how a baby that doesn't do anything can get worn out after a busy weekend. Sure wish she was tuckered out now. No such luck. But until next time...


  1. this looks super cute!! i love the side designs- and esp the cute little pics of the baby. you should totally put her in 'toddlers & tiaras' competitions. bc shed womp them. and im way green over your roller coastering while youre green over....something of mine- haaa

  2. Well this makes me feel bad for not helping you out with re-designing, but I'm glad someone did because it looks great! They did better than I could. I was wondering how you got your name signature at the end of your post and how next to your blog under "Blogs I stalk" it has a heart now instead of just the blogger sign. Help me out?

    Also, that sounds like a fun weekend! If I hadn't been having so much fun myself I probably would be mad at you for having so much fun without me :)