Friday, August 26, 2011

Date Night

Last Friday, Sam and I went on our first date without Abby. My wonderful in-laws, Dan and Nonie, volunteered (aka if Nonie didn't babysit her soon things could get ugly really fast) to watch her.

We didn't want to be gone too long, so I picked Sam up from Trax and we headed over to drop her off. Since Sam was still dressed nice from work, I decided I'd dress up a little bit as well. I know, I'm silly. But in the movies they always dress up to go on dates so I figured 'why not'? So, I found myself a super cute dress at Walmart for $14 and got gussied up for my night out with my hubbyspend.

After we dropped her off, we headed to Jordan Commons. We ate at Spaghetti Mama's. We had never eaten there. It was pretty good and right across from the theater. After dinner we saw "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and let me tell you, it was such a great movie! I loved it. So funny and cute.

So even though I checked my phone every 15 min, our main topic of conversation was Abby, and hearing babies cry hurt my heart a little, it was so nice to have some needed 'us' time.


  1. i wish i was there so i could cry loudly like a baby near your bossums and see what happens a la kevin malone style when they go to dave & busters after pam has her baby

  2. Man I know that feeling of leaving your new baby and your heart hurting the whole time, but enjoying at the same time, but feeling guilty you are enjoying it, but feeling guilty you just want to go get your baby again. :)
    And I have seen that dress and Walmart and always think about how cute it is.
    And I really like your hair in that picture. I was on the fence before as to if you should chop or not, but now I'm thinking you should give your longer hair a second chance.
    But it's your hair :)
    Hair aside, sounds like a fun date night, and aren't free babysitters awesome?

  3. Yay for date nights! It's hard to leave your baby for the first time...but don't ever forget you and Sam time is super important! Especially since you have so many willing babysitters at your disposal :).

    We love Spaghetti Mama's! Although I have to admit I still like the Old Spaghetti Factory better...but Spaghetti Mama's is fun and they have spamoni ice cream too!