Monday, August 29, 2011

Cuddles and Loves

 I sure do love this little girl. Even though she can be quite worry-some. Like today. When she kept choking on her spit up as it came through her nose not once, not twice, not three times, but a total of FOUR TIMES!!! Mind you, I'm still a very new mommy of almost 6 weeks. Things like that tend to freak me out perhaps a bit more then they should. Especially as her little face turns bright red and the puke was stuck in her nose. But isn't she cute as I found her like this?
 Also after her first choking, perhaps it was just because I was tired, it being first thing this morning. Or perhaps it is the hormones running rampant through my body. Or maybe it's just because I'm a worrier. But after crying just a little...I just needed to cuddle her as we napped today. Much like this below picture. 
I just can't get enough. 


  1. 6 weeks on thurdaY!!!! i am so GREEN over your baby being here- green as a cucumber.

    ps- id be totally freaked too that she was chocking!!!! that little immortal kid of yours--why must she make us worry??

  2. Adelyns spit up comes through her nose too! It freaks me out! Cambria never did that. Poor little girls.

  3. Spitting up through the nose like that, or projectile vommitting, or choking can indicate reflux, like Ammon has. I don't want to freak you out but I would watch it. Especially if she chokes on it. That's what Ammon did and it would come out his nose too.

    If you are breast feeding there are things that you can do to help. You can eliminate dairy from your diet and a lot of time that helps.

    If it keeps happening, I would research reflux or infant GERD online and what you can do to help, especially with your diet and breastfeeding.

    Reflux definitely runs in the Tappana family I'm sorry to say.

    But all that stuff aside, that bottom picture with her sleeping with you looks SO much like a couple pictures we have with Lydia sleeping with Brigham or me. We should compare.

  4. Emmy use to spit up all the time too...and it often came out of her nose. She didn't have reflux like Ammon though...she was just a lazy eater and would sleep forever and then be starving by the time that she ate that she would gorge herself and then puke it all up...but it was always a TON and it freaked me out too.

    I think I called the pediatrician a hundred times during the first two months of Emmy's life! You're a new's okay. I still call the pediatrician with any little questions that I'm not sure about. They expect that, and I know Emmy's office has always been so helpful and never annoyed :).

    I just love her! I'd cuddle her like that too when I napped!