Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Month Our Life Changed Forever.

Dear Abby
You have been in our lives now for one month. One wonderful month. You have changed mommy's and daddy's life forever and we couldn't be happier. You bring such a sweet spirit into our home.

You are a wonderful baby. When we brought you home from the hospital, me being a typical new mom, was terrified! I stayed up all night that first night, checking on you at every squeak and watching you sleep. That night the realization hit: you were really home to stay! After 9 very long months of pregnancy, our little girl was finally here and ours forever.

You have changed so much this month Abby. When we first brought you home, you slept a ton. you woke up to eat and then fell back to sleep. Now as you're growing you'll stay up more and just look at daddy and me as we talk to you. You make the cutest faces and noises. Your daddy and I just stare at you. We can't believe how beautiful you are. We love when you do little things like stretch and do the 'bird' face. We love how when we lay you down sometimes you'll just kick and squirm forever. We love how you look sucking on a binkie and when you wear a white onsie. We even love when you get so mad your face gets red and the tiniest squeak comes out. When you do cry, we even think that is adorable. We are head over heals for you Abby. The main thing is, we love you very, very much.

I am so glad you're in our lives. We are so much happier with you. We can't get enough of you and we hope you always know, no matter what, how much we love you.

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy


  1. oh how sweet!! how as it been a month so far?! where has the time gone? as i was looking at pics of abby, landon is just kicking up a storm. can't wait to meet his future best friend OR girlfriend- whatevs

  2. Well if this isn't one of the sweetest posts ever...
    And I just love that picture of your little family!

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes! You guys are such amazing parents already. Life just gets better and better as a Mommy. You will wake up each day thinking you couldn't possibly love it anymore...and then you do and it amazes you. However...I'll admit, there are days that I wonder what the heck I was thinking...but they only last for a minute or two before Emmy reminds me just how lucky I am :). Love the pictures! Especially the one of your cute family!

  4. p.s. I LOVE the new look of your blog! :)