Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School

This time of year always brings back a hint of a melancholy feeling, back to school time. Back in the years of elementary through high school, even though I was sad that summer was over, I looked forward to going back to school. I loved going to Walmart to get my notebooks, pens, pencils etc. I loved picking out a new Jansport backpack and couldn't wait to fill the pockets with my new supplies. I loved getting my new clothes and planned out what days I'd wear them the first week. I loved in elementary school finding out what teacher I got. I loved in jr. high and high school getting my schedule and organizing my school supplies by subject.

I sure do miss school. Even though after the first week I was usually over it, I still miss it. Every time I run to Walmart I get a hankering to buy me some school supplies. When I go to department stores I inhale the new clothes scent. (it's just not the same getting new clothes anymore seeing as I pay for them.) I miss backpacks. I miss smelling school lunch cooking through the halls and getting so excited to eat it (especially in elementary. The lasagna and spaghetti were my favorites). I miss recess. I miss hanging out in the halls or outside at lunch with my friends, feeling cool. I miss doodling on paper and teachers drowned on and on. Times were simple then. And though I absolutely love my life right now, sometimes I miss simpler days.


  1. I'm totally with you on that one. I always miss going back to school. I miss school a lot all the time! And especially right now I'm going to miss the football games and stuff that goes with it since we couldn't buy tickets this year :(
    Oh well we'll just do football parties instead and I'm glad I don't have to pay for school anymore and that I don't have homework.
    But I miss it.

  2. One gee you are so right! I miss back to school shopping too, ESP organizing all my cool new pencils and notebooks. Oh and your title makes me think of Adam sandier singing "back to school, back to school" in the bathtub from Madison- hahahaaaa