Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Is Halloween

Last night was terrific. I decided to take the night off work and we celebrated Halloween by taking Abby Trick-Or-Treating for the first time with the Tappana siblings. 
Abby was a stinker most of the time. All she wanted to do was walk, but she was so slow that we kept having to pick her up to keep up with everyone. She did not like that one bit!

Besides, the object of Trick-or-Treating is to hit as many houses as possible to get the most candy! We were doing her us a favor. Someday she'll learn. 

After a while, we forced her to sit in her stroller and Aunt Ashley saved the day by giving her a sucker. She then fell asleep with her sticky face and lost her sucker on her arm.
The only happy picture we got of her all night.

When she woke up, she was much much happier.  Next year I think she'll understand more the importance of getting candy. Although she might not share with mommy and daddy so easily then. True though that maybe this year she isn't sharing so much as being robbed. She'll never even know. 

When we got home, we ended the night watching Harry Potter 4 til we fell asleep. It was such a fun evening. I loved missing work, I loved going with our family, and I especially loved the weather!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
Mine is the witch, Abby's is the small on in the front, and Sams is the large face.
PS, for your viewing pleasure, please check out these two pictures 1 year apart. Boy my baby has grown up. (though some would argue she is still the same size.)
2011-3 months

2012-15 months
PPS: Sorry most pictures are of a crappy quality. I can't figure out good settings for my camera for the night shots.


  1. awesome post title. awesome pictures. man abby, she needs to learn the importance of candy. landon already knows- he loves suckers and often tries to eat candy with the wrapper on- haha what happened to the hotdog? miss your guys faces!!!

  2. I thought it was pretty cute/hilarious that she wanted to walk, but then again I didn't really have to deal with it. And I loved going trick-or-treating with everyone! It was a blast. We steal seventy percent of our kids candy now, they just know about it :)

    ps. I can tell your face is much thinner in this year's picture than last year, way to go! (not that I was looking for that, I just noticed right away, oh wow I hope that's not offensive that I noticed that)

  3. Emmy has yet to ask for a piece of her, you may still have another year to keep all the candy to yourselves! Ha!
    Abby was a cutie. I'm glad I could save the day! That's the real reason I carry those suckers around with me. I want to be the hero...and the favorite aunt :).
    Cute pumpkins! Cute family! Cute Abby!