Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturdee's Date

Saturday, Sam and I FINALLY were able to get out and go on a date. And let me tell you, it was the best date we've had in a while. I think it's because it was so low key, and we were able to just talk and relax and eat and walk around.

We had a gift card Sam got from work to Cheesecake Factory. We had only eaten there once before because it is pretty pricey, so I was quite excited to go. We headed to our favorite place in Utah: downtown Salt Lake, and ate at the City Creek location.

We got there early and it was already pretty busy, so we sat outside and waited, people watched, and talked. It was nice to not feel rushed to get our seats. We really enjoyed just sitting there.

Trying to be photographic with my ring.

Our dinner was just wonderful. I was pretty much in heaven. I ordered probably the best thing I've ever eaten. (ok maybe not EVER, but it was wonderful.) Sam was even jealous of it, and I'm usually jealous of his food. It was chicken chipolte penne pasta something. I can't remember the name, but boy it was creamy, sweet, and spicy all wrapped up in one amazing dish.

Not only was my dish heavenly, but the company was just amazing! Sam and I just talked and talked and talked. We talked about Abby, about our future, Abby, finances, Abby, school, Abby, the holidays Abby, our hopes and dreams, and of course Abby. Basically what I'm saying, is there wasn't even a lull in conversation. Not to say we usually eat in silence, but before we were parents, we would go out to eat so much and were basically always together that sometimes conversation lacked. Nope. Dates are so much better now.
Famous Sam eating shot. 
After dinner, we shared a White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cheesecake and then decided to walk around looking at things. It reminded me when we used to live there. We sure do miss it a lot, so I am glad we still live close enough to enjoy it. We walked around City Creek, then walked to Gateway and around there. The weather was perfect and it only rained while we were indoors!

Somehow Sam got some black on his nose from who-knows-what?
Seriously. I was so happy there in that moment. It was so nice being just the two of us for an evening. However, when it came time to go home we both were missing Abby and hoped she would still be awake. And she was. We walked in to hear her sqeeling downstairs as grandma Sue read to her. It's so nice escaping with your spouse, but it is even better coming home to your baby I think.
Abby is weird. 

Thanks babe, for a wonderful night. Sure love you!


  1. what a fun sweet date! im glad you guys got some time alone- you guys both work so hard that i know its hard. no one deserves it more then you guys!

  2. You two sure did deserve a date night and I'm glad that it was everything that you hoped it would be :) And i'm also jealous of your couple picture taking skills. I can never take good shots of Brigham and me like you can get of the you and Sam. So cute!